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2012-2013 Autumn-Winter Campaign

Fashion Meets Art with Freshness and Harmony under the Sign of Colour. The energy of colour, together with its load of positivity, is the main character of the new FURLA campaign for the 2012/2013 Autumn/Winter. It is an unconventional communication, a challenge to all forms of pessimism, with a dynamic visual message, enlivened by an intense desire of rebirth.

Image becomes graphical, shades become intense and thwarted, by developing the concept of colour block that blends art, style and fashion. A visual illusion that breaks the bi-dimensionality through shapes of colours and different perspective levels, underlining the complicit dialogue between Furla and all those women who identify themselves within its values of modernity, elegance and authenticity. The physicality of the model becomes tangible through the lens of Francesco Carrozzini. Photography is like a painting that comes to life, overcoming the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Furla - always committed to the support of young rising talents – bet on the young, clean and fresh face of the model Kate Harrison, a future promise top model.