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Spring Summer 2013

Light is source of inspiration of elegance, shapes and colours for Spring Summer 2013. On summer afternoons the sun rays seep through the shutters brushing architectures, giving life to alternations of light and shade, shot in the carvings and piercings of the leather, in the three dimensional printings, in the black and white contrasts.

While meadows, leaves, hills, at the zenith time, inspire a dazzling palette in the infinite shades of green, emerald, olive and lime. Softer nuances, cipria, marble and vanilla, evoke the petals of the flowers in their brightest splendor. And when the light reflects on the sea bright tones and transparent pvc, like in the Candy Bag, they catch its constant movement. At its highest intensity, the light transforms everything and as in an overexposed and hyper-realistic picture, colours become fraught, papaya, turquoise, ocean, juice and lime on a white background for a season full of life and energy.

A sophisticated and essential collection where Furla values blend: craftsmanship, innovation and a look that is always careful to the world of art. The collection is celebrated in its inspirational theme, by a charming installation, by the projection of images drawn from the xylography of Giordano Bruno mixing lights and shadows.