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Brand Philosophy Values and Inspirations

The brand's philosophy is to encourage and promote Italian contemporary culture in its various forms of expression from art to fashion design, supporting the creativity of young talents and constructing an area for discussion of all that is contemporary.

Giovanna Furlanetto, President of Furla, has always succeeded in combining her own values with the company, turning her business into a mission that has given life to concepts that are dear to her heart; for example, "social responsibility" of business owners and the creation of a quality brand available to all.

Furla invented a new concept of luxury that was close to every woman and immediately became an international "must." High quality, classic lines and functionality were the distinguishing features of the bags in their collections.

For the Spring Summer 2013 collection, the main inspiration was light. Light is source of inspiration of elegance, shapes and colours. While meadows, leaves, hills, at the zenith time, inspire a dazzling palette in the infinite shades of green, emerald, olive and lime. Inspired from various aspects of nature, the collection is a blend of craftsmanship, innovation and a look that is always careful to the world of art.