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about the brand

Furla is a genuine Italian company, manufacturing & distributing high-quality bags, shoes and accessories of essential elegance throughout the world since 1927. Furla was created by the Furlanetto family over 80 years ago and is one of the few Italian firms today that still maintains family ownership combined with a strongly managerial company structure: tradition that is constantly renewed. It is based in Bologna and a leader on the international stage.

The most precious leathers often combined with other natural or technical materials are used. Each product is expertly crafted by hand and has a fresh seductive sense of colour. Shapes, with detail, style and functionality are kept in mind. Every single Furla product tells a brief, wonderful story of Italian creativity.

Each collection meets the desires of women throughout the world whose elegance is an individual expression of their own lifestyle. A sophisticated, knowledgeable consumer that shuns provocation and short-lived trends finds in Furla essential aesthetics that are constantly renewed. Bags and accessories in feminine, timeless styles, yet highly modern, this is due to constant design and technology research.