Designer Watch

Amiben Shroff


From its modest beginning in the late 1960s, Shrujan has grown into a globally renowned brand that offers a range of products from bags, belts, cushion covers, dupattas, stoles and kurtas to mobile covers, mufflers, quilts, saris, shawls, skirts, tops and wall hangings. Shrujan outlets showcase products which are embellished with a fabulous lineup of crafts like aari, aahir, chakan, gotanv, jat fakirani, jat garasiya, kambiro and khuditebha, katri, kharek, mukkko, neran, pakko, rabari and soof, which are the specialities of the Kutch region. Amiben Shroff reveals in detail the growth and work of Shrujan over the decades in an exclusive Q&A with Meher Castelino.

Divvya and Nidhhi Gambhir


Divvya and Nidhhi Gambhir started their career with the launch of their label Walnut. The brand runs into prêt, diffusion and couture. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, the designer duo talk about styling for films, the latest trends and Naked, their new footwear company.

Vaanee Bhatia

Gritstones Clothing

Delhi-based Gritstones Clothing offers quality and exemplary style for trendy men and women. The casual brand offers t-shirts, denims, henleys, polos, shirts, shorts, track pants, tops, tunics, jumpsuits and dresses. Co-founder Vaanee Bhatia speaks to Fibre2Fashion about the company's venture into the retail sector after its success in the online market.

Sidharth Sinha

Sidharth Sinha

Sidharth Sinha has contributed to the successful rebirth and modernisation of the Dakmanda technique, and uses natural fibres for manufacturing sustainable fabric. He speaks about creating awareness of this traditional craft in an interview with Fibre2Fashion. 

Anisha Chaudhari

Threads & Shirts

Threads & Shirts is a freshly-tailored concept providing men/women a choice to opt for custom-tailored shirts rather than a usual pick out of the standard shirt block. Anisha Chaudhari, founder of Threads & Shirts explains about the concept of customised shirt to Fibre2Fashion.

Akta Adani

India Boulevard

India Boulevard is a San Francisco-based curated fashion marketplace that connects customers across the world with boutique designers providing customised Indian outfits. Founder Akta Adani talks in details about the concept of offering customised outfits and its market with Fibre2Fashion.

Nisha Chanda

Whistling Woods International School of Fashion

A lack of upgraded courses in costume designing and fashion as per industry demands led to the launch of the Whistling Woods School of Fashion that focuses on offering a holistic understanding of the fashion industry to aspiring students. In conversation with Fibre2Fashion, programme head Nisha Chanda speaks about the school, the quality of education in India as compared to international standards, and the changes that need to be brought about in fashion education in the country.

Aditi Somani

Aditi Somani

Aditi Somani specialises in luxury fusion wear with international cuts and Indian embellishments. In conversation with Fibre2Fashion, she talks about her journey as a fashion designer.

Sanjukta Dutta

Sanjukta's Studio

Sanjukta Dutta creates unique garments by clubbing prints of different places, with the Assamese silk mekhela chador as the base in most cases. In an exclusive interview with Fibre2Fashion, she tells us about her beautiful pieces and her efforts to redress problems of weavers.

Madhu Jain

Madhu Jain

She grew up in the walled city of Old Delhi, completed her studies, and became that archetypal housewife with two tinytots in tow. And then, she took stock of things. Her interest and passion for natural fibres steered her into the world of textiles. As one thing led to another, the craft-based fashion label and the designer herself became alter egos of each other. As she steps into her 30th year in the profession, Madhu Jain talks about weavers, ikat and the sojourn this far with Meher Castelino

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