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Dahlia Razzrook

Label - Dahlia Razzook

London based designer, Dahlia Razook known for her luxury womenswear brand, offers stylish and fashion-forward pieces for the day until night. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer narrates her love for Indian embroidery and shares her experience of working with the most prominent fashion houses in the world such as Alexander McQueen, Agent Provocateur, and Marchesa.

Kamal Khushlani


Based out of Mumbai, Mufti is a men’s clothing fashion brand. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the owner of the brand speaks about the brand’s legacy, its retail presence as on date and the innovative approaches taken by it to attract customers during the pandemic.

Payal Singhal

Label - Payal Singhal

Leading South Asian fashion designer, Payal Singhal known for her signature aesthetic: contemporary and minimalistic, with a vintage heart. Her collection emphasis on wearability, comfort, value for money and effortless impact. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer shares her thoughts on keeping a balance between her personal and professional life and highlights the increasing influence of creators and bloggers on the fashion industry.

Bani Pasricha

Label - Bani Pasricha

An Indian fashion-designer and a recipient of one of the most prestigious awards, RC Dalal Memorial Award, Bani Pasricha is known for creating most unique fashion designs by taking inspiration mostly from the culture of place travelled by her or elementals of nature. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer reveals about her childhood dreams and shares her experience of participating in both national and international fashion shows.

Carmen Emanuela Popa

Label - Carmen Emanuela Popa

Carmen Emanuela Popa, a Romanian fashion designer, is known for her strong conceptual design. Her eponymous label is known to have vast philosophical influences, unique and visually challenging images, transmitting emotion and humanistic messages. In a conversation with Kiran Sahija, the designer reveals the correlation between art and fashion and shares tips for young designers who are into avant-garde.

Asmita Marwa

Asmita Marwa Design

Indian fashion designer Asmita Marwa has been rated by Vogue as one of the top nine up-and-coming international designers, also renowned for her sustainable collection. In a conversation with Kiran Sahija, the designer shares her inspiration behind her zero-waste and eco-friendly designs.

Bav Tailor

Label Bav Tailor

Born in London and Indian by origin, Bav Tailor is the Founder of her eponymous label. Her creations are a collective fusion of generation less silhouettes and effortless geometrical volumes inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies crafted from wellness certified natural or recycled materials. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer throws light on the challenges she faced while creating a conscious luxury label and the differences she finds between European and Indian fashion markets.

Rocky Star

Label - Rocky Star

Rocky Star, an Indian designer known for his inspiration from the Baroque and Gothic time periods for all his collections, has designed for international celebrities like Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Pussycat Dolls. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer talks about how the label is adopting sustainability by reusing leftover fabrics, current and upcoming trends of the Indian fashion industry.

Manish Malhotra

Label Manish Malhotra

A multitalented designer and founder of an eponymous label, Manish Malhotra, has been deeply entrenched in the twin worlds of fashion and film for the past three decades. In a conversation with Kiran Sahija, the designer shares his personal journey in the world of fashion, what keeps him motivated to design for new collections and the difference he finds in styles of 90’s and current times.

Samant Chauhan

Label Samant Chauhan

Delhi based fashion designer, Samant Chauhan who mostly works on hand woven Indian textile, keeping the silhouettes clean and cut- sharp, is known for his unique designs. In a conversation with Kiran Sahija, the designer talks about his fashion journey and shares tips for fashion enthusiasts.

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