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Ritesh Kamani & Neha Kamani

Brand - Khalighata

Kalighata takes pride in being a ‘one-stop bridal destination’ that offers customers luxurious yet affordable dressing options for various occasions. After the brand’s first store was opened in Salt Lake, Kolkata, there was no looking back for its founders—Ritesh and Neha Kamani. In a chat with Fibre2Fashion, the designer duo decodes Indian bridal wear looks and styles that can be the rage this season.

Nida Mahmood

Label - Nida Mahmood

The Nida Mahmood brand emerged from the designer’s innate love for all things Indian. The eponymous label believes in creating a world in Indian colours. It has a strong design language drenched in Indian influences and finds inspiration in weaving stories from colloquial anecdotes about people and places. Speaking to Fibre2Fashion, designer Nida Mahmood talks about her label, collaborations, fashion trends and future plans.

Mannat Gupta

Brand - Mannat Gupta

Mannat Gupta is a contemporary fashion label that aims to dress inspiring women around the world. Each piece is made with the intent to become a second skin and let the wearer’s personality shine. Characterised by a rich colour palette and notable textures, the brand’s creations reflect a careful marriage between opulence and ease. In a chat with Fibre2Fashion, the eponymous label’s Founder Mannat Gupta discusses her designs and the fashion business.

Simona Rimkiene

Label - Not Perfect Linen

Inspired by simplicity and imperfection of linen, the family-run brand ‘Not Perfect Linen’ is everything about ensuring quality, promoting transparency, enforcing sustainable practices, and doing everything as ethically as possible. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Co-founder Simona Rimkiene talks about the linen business.

Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu is a fantastic fashion and lifestyle blogger, designer, travel enthusiast, and foodie, as she calls herself. Another one of her favourite pastimes is exploring various cuisines and writing about food on blogs. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Redhu talks about her journey, challenges and suggests some styling tips for Autumn/Winter.

Frederic Joncas

Label - Judith & Charles

Based in Montreal, Judith & Charles is a Canadian company run by its eponymous husband-and-wife founders. Each Judith & Charles collection reflects a fusion of both feminine and masculine sensibilities. As the label designs and manufactures 80 per cent of its collection locally, Judith & Charles has full control over its production and is able to further enhance its strongest assets: fit and quality. In a chat with Fibre2Fashion, Creative Director Frederic Joncas talks about the latest collection, slow fashion, trends and future plans.

Shubham Gupta

Brand - Bonkers Corner

India-based online lifestyle store Bonkers Corner offers the latest in designer products straight out of fashion houses. The brand provides a wide array of casual and nautical fashion offerings catered to both men and women as well as items inspired by pop culture like the Marvel Universe and anime. In a chat with Fibre2Fashion, Founder Shubham Gupta discusses the marketing strategies of his company and the streetwear market in India.

Fadi Zarka

Label - Key Couture

Lebanon-based renowned label Key Couture (KC), founded by Fadi Zarka, is known for its high-quality clothing and exceptional designs that cater to all body sizes and styles. The brand’s aim is to make KC Girls feel empowered, fierce, and dashing. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, the founder talks about her journey and collection, and also suggests some tips for maintaining a capsule collection.

Sanchit Anand

Brand - Taroob

Taroob is an Indian fashion brand that was established in 2020, offering a collection of statement styles that draw inspiration from a broad and diverse range of sources. The brand’s founders have been exporting their creations to top markets in the US and Europe, specialising in scarves, shawls, ponchos, Nehru jackets, and capes for various international brands. Taroob’s collection showcases Indian heritage imbued in modernity, with a personal touch in every piece and exclusive box packaging. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Taroob’s Co-founder Sanchit Anand talks about the use of kalamkari motifs, the design process, and the future of prints and patterns in Indian designs.

Marc Samuels

Powerplay Brands

With a presence in over 5,000 retail stores across 50 countries worldwide, Powerplay Brands boasts of a portfolio of brands that contains some of the biggest global names in fashion and sports. Powerplay’s own in-house design, merchandising, and sourcing teams are able to innovate quickly creating bespoke trend-led apparel from a network of audited factories. The company designs, manufactures, markets and distributes licensed apparel products for some of the world’s most influential brands including Reebok, Pepe Jeans, DKNY, and Ben Sherman. Managing Director Marc Samuels chats with Fibre2Fashion about the journey of the brand, its USP, and future goals.

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