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Suman Nathwani

Suman Nathwani

Designer Suman Nathwani talks about her journey of opening a sleepwear label in India at a time when it was considered taboo, to current times when the brand has spread to all the major cities of India and diversified into resortwear as well, in an interview with Paulami Chatterjee.

Ruma Devi

Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan

Ruma Devi is a jet-setting promoter of artisans who has empowered thousands of rural women in the Barmer region of Rajasthan. Hers is an amazing story of perseverance, drive and talent. She shares it with Meher Castelino.

Sarah Denise Cordery

Sarah Denise Studio

Manchester, England-based Sarah Denise Studio provides relevant fashion design, graphics and technical assets for brands, suppliers and start-ups, without the need for agencies or the overheads of an in-house design team. Owner Sarah Denise Cordery discusses fashion design and sustainability.

Seema Agrawal

Artisan Saga

Artisan Saga, founded by Kaushik Rajani and Seema Agrawal, is an online store for artisanal handlooms and handcrafted art. The brand handpicks the best from the finest hand and curates classic and traditional handloom sarees in pure fabric reflecting the diverse Indian weaves and styles. Fibre2Fashion spoke to co-founder Seema Agrawal to understand the company's journey and the ebbs and flows of the Indian handloom niche.

Aprajita Toor

Aprajita Toor

The creations by Aprajita Toor were born out of a deep desire to create unique footwear for women. Toor speaks about the footwear market in India, the brand's target audience and the challenges of surviving in the handcrafted niche.

Sweta Agarwal

A Humming Way

A Humming Way (AHW) is inspired by the old-world regalia of Rajasthan state in India. The label's taste in clothing is classic, with clean and modern sensibilities in monotones, cutting across the borders and corners of the world. AHW showcased its spring/summer'20 collection Matsutake at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Designer and owner Sweta Agarwal was one of the six designers at the Emerging Designer Collective at NYFW.  Agarwal talks about her experience at an international fashion week and the growing prominence of khadi globally.

Niti Singhal

Twee In One

Best known for convertible clothing, Indian brand Twee In One by designer Niti Singhal recently showcased and launched its sustainable collection at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2019. With its reversible clothing, the brand aims to promote the concept of getting more out of less in fashion. Singhal chats about what led her into designing reversible clothes and her experience at NYFW.

Anjali Bhaskar


Anjali Bhaskar has an experience of 12 years in the fashion industry. She has worked with veterans like Shantanu Nikhil and Suneet Verma, and launched her label Samatvam in 2010. Her label is a marriage between age-old craftsmanship and modern sensibilities. Bhaskar divulges details about her latest collection and design strategies in an interview with Fibre2Fashion.

Sailesh Singhania

Sailesh Singhania Label

The Sailesh Singhania label was created to promote handwoven sarees and apparel with a unique sense of aesthetics for discerning customers through the formation of the Sailesh Singhania Design House. The label works with 700 handloom weavers throughout the year and supports 22 different clusters including Pochampally, Gadwal, Uppada, Kota, Pranpur and many more. Fibre2Fashion spoke to fashion designer and owner Sailesh Singhania about how handlooms stood the test of time and his long association with handwoven sarees.

Sweta Tantia

Tahweave & Garo

Designer Sweta Tantia owns Garo, a couture indutva or ethnicwear brand, and Tahweave, a hand-crafted clothing brand that deals with everyday chic yet casual womenswear. Garo is a luxury brand for women using heritage textiles and handcrafted techniques in remote parts of India with a contemporary vision, while Tahweave contributes towards building a range of affordable and comfortable organic clothing suitable for a tropical country like India. Tantia spoke to Fibre2Fashion about organic clothing, working with weavers, and her plans for both the brands.

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