Designer Watch

Jaclyn Hodes


Founded in 2012, New York-based plant dyed luxurious lifestyle brand Awaveawake by designer Jaclyn Hodes is an exclusively sustainable lifestyle brand working with artisans and small workshops to create conscious clothing and homeware. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer talks about her journey and the inspiration behind her conscious collection.

Chun-Yuan Jean

Label - C JEAN

C JEAN is an independent designer brand founded by Chun-Yuan Jean. C JEAN’s designs explore stories of women and social issues, as well as contemporary art, architecture, and music. They are inspired by abstract metaphorical expressions of clothing and accessories. The contemporary contours and the Oriental introverted meticulous taste bring these issues to positive light through tailoring, structure, and colour. These designs make people reflect on issues and at the same time present unique brand traits. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer talks about her journey, fashion in her country and her thoughts on current fashion education.

Susumu Miura

Label - Avalone

Tokyo-based fashion brand Avalone, founded by Susumu Miura in 2013 creates a three-dimensional and beautiful silhouette inspired by traditional costumes. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer talks about his journey and the inspiration behind his collection.

William Lundgren

Label - Bite Studios

BITE Studios is a Sweden-based luxury womenswear label with a mission to create uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed clothes by husband-and-wife duo William and Veronica Lundgren. Each piece of their collection is hand-crafted and painstakingly tailored to ensure the perfect fit. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, William Lundgren talks about the aesthetics of their brand’s collection and importance of sustainable creations.

Francesca Palumbo

Label - Francesca Palumbo

Francesca Palumbo creates intricate and detailed knitwear that follows the natural form of the female body. She uses unique colour waves of yarn and explores textures and drapes which allows her to produce and design garments that are sustainable, personal, and challenge the idea of fast fashion. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer talks about the aesthetic of her collection and inspiration behind it.

Sarah & Sandeep Gonsalves

Label - Sarah & Sandeep

Sarah & Sandeep is a luxury designer label synonymous with a contemporary bespoke experience in the Indian fashion arena. Each garment in their store is a symphony of minimalistic sensibility, fluid tailoring and sophisticated geometric detailing. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, founders Sarah and Sandeep Gonsalves talk about the aesthetic of their brand and share their opinion on changing consumer behaviour.

Frederick Anderson

Brand - Frederick Anderson

New York-based designer Frederick Anderson has been in the fashion industry for more than 20 years now, launching a variety of brands. He is known for his eponymous label and his luxurious, chic style collection. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer describes the aesthetic of his brand and highlights fashion in New York and its evolution.

Timna Weber

Label - Timna Weber

London-based sustainable high-end eponymous womenswear label, by designer Timna Weber, is known for its tailored pieces like coats, blazers, and trousers, combined with contrasting knitwear and jersey pieces. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer talks about her collection and shares her thoughts on European fashion and its evolution.

Amar Pawar & Raghavendra Pawar

Brand - Powerlook

Powerlook, co-founded by Amar Pawar and Raghavendra Pawar, offers men’s streetwear, with a focus on the best style, comfort, and affordability. It is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce brands in India. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the founders talk about their brand, and its ‘Make in India’ concept. They also give some style tips for fashion enthusiasts.

Maria Camila Giraldo

Brand - Pam & Gela

Maria Camila Giraldo is a Colombian actress, writer and entrepreneur mostly known for her leading role in The Queen of the South and The Queen of the Flow—two of the most successful Latin shows on Netflix. Her past modelling work includes campaigns for Adidas, Moschino, H&M, and Tiffany & Co. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, Maria Camila reveals about her journey in glam world and shares her thoughts on social media presence.

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