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A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey concluded that a majority of US companies are having trouble measuring their ROI (return on investment)...
Posted by
Bill D’Arienzo
Why do I ask if India can afford to miss the bus again? Because whether we like it or not, whether the veterans of the industry agree or not-we did...
Posted by
Rahul Mehta
Luxury is a lifestyle, and fashion is just a minuscule part of it. Businesswise-the most visible or voluminous part of the overall luxury trade,...
Posted by
Abhay Gupta
The focus in research and development (R&D) is now more and more set on new sustainable products and processes which provide assurance that the...
Posted by
Fanny Vermandel
Is your business ready for Textiles 4.0? Before you can say, 'Yes', 'No', 'May be' or 'I don't know', you will want to know what does Textiles 4.0...
Posted by
Aseem Prakash
A few years later, the same process is now taking place in textile printing, and this has never been more obvious than in this ITMA year. When I...
Posted by
Gabi Seligsohn
Effective quality management starts with a quality policy. Effectiveness is the extent to which planned activities are realised and planned results...
Posted by
Pradip Mehta
It was not very long ago that people who shopped online in India were considered 'ahead of time'. But, times have changed, and in today's world the...
Posted by
Arun Sirdeshmukh
Imagine a cricketer, once an exciting player but now aged 45, having put on oodles of weight, too slow to run singles or chase the ball till the...
Posted by
Rahul Mehta
Indians are too enamoured of Hollywood. We can’t help it. We have been conditioned this way. The collective self-image of Indians in contrast to that ...
Posted by
Anurag Batra

Daniel Avakian

Daniel Avakian

"Daniel Avakian is an Australian-born and internationally..."

Vaishali Shadangule

Label - Vaishali S

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Avi Keswani

LISAA School of Design

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Olga Kotova

Label - Masha Maria

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Dominic Sondag

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Susanne Guldager

Label - La Femme Rousse

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Amanda McCarthy

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Doreen Mashika

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Kristina Bobkova


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