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Sunil Mehra | Centenaire

Sunil Mehra | Centenaire

What: Collection of paisley print menswear

USP: Fascinated by the older culture from the time of Mughals, the range comprises collection of menswear in paisley print. The designer created a revival of paisley by incorporating the designs in the form of digital printed pocket squares, shirts, t-shirts, ties, blazers, scarves. From pop colours to earthy tones, paisleys are imprinted on fabrics like silk, cotton and linen.

Price: On request

Available: Sunil Mehra stores in New Delhi and Gurgaon

About Sunil Mehra: After starting his career in 1990, designer Sunil Mehra has gained unprecedented reputation for creating men’s garments. He is the only Indian menswear fashion designer who introduced a unique luxury clothing range inspired by the touch of spiritualism. His designer sensibilities vary between styles inspired by Krishna and donning functionality.

Naina Jain | Chandrakala

Naina Jain | Chandrakala

What: Collection of sari-blouse sets

USP: The range is a pool of organza drapes with lightweight fabric that almost feels weightless against the summer air. Each piece in the assortment has a character and a face, much like the women who will adorn the drapes ranging from soft pinks, whites and peaches to vibrant greens, yellow, red and grey. With detailing like frills on the pallu, pearl tassels and geometrical bandhani motifs, the metamorphosis of the assortment follows the evolving phases of the moon.

Price: Rs 18,500

Available: Naina Jain store in Kolkata

About Naina Jain: Naina Jain is synonymous to ‘Bandhani’, the art technique of ‘tie and dye’. Inspired and mastered by skilled craftsmen of Gujarat and Rajasthan, her creation includes diverse range of sarees, kurtas, skirts and gowns, giving the age-old bandhani craftsmanship, a modern twist. The designer encompasses the best of Indian tradition, culture and art, with specially designed range of Paithani style Benarasi and bandhani, hand-embroidered Lucknowi and bandhani and also experimenting with various embroideries like zardozi and gotta Patti.

Wills Lifestyle | Sanganer

Wills Lifestyle | Sanganer

What: Collection of block print fabrics

USP: The range comprises the age old and iconic craft of hand block printing from Sanganer in Rajasthan. The assortment draws inspiration from the essence of ‘Fabrics of India’ and brings together techniques, skills and fabrics from the region while the prints, patterns and vibrant colours represent the earthy spirit.

Sanganer range amalgamates Indian prints on western silhouettes and boasts prints of Sanganeri motifs on soft colours perfect for summers. The designs are perfect for both, office or casual wear, and fit right with modern lifestyle.

Price: Rs 2,399-2,799

Available: Select outlets of Wills Lifestyle in Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur and more

About Wills Lifestyle: Synonymous with elegance and style that is effortless and chic, ITC’s Wills Lifestyle presents a premium wardrobe for men and women. With a tempting range of Wills Signature designer wear, Wills Classic work wear, Wills Sport relaxed wear and Wills Clublife evening wear, Wills Lifestyle offers a truly delightful shopping experience for the discerning consumer.

Big Stack | Amalgamation

Big Stack | Amalgamation

What: Collection of apparel for men and women

USP: Inspired by the game of skill, ‘Poker’, the range comprises casual garments and signature unisex poker caps. The design element for the assortment is based on the concept of distraction practiced by poker players, who use clothing disguise to distract the opponent. Taking this into consideration, the assemblage has colours, patterns, and motifs with lightweight breathable fabric for poker players to play for longer hours.

Price: Rs 1,000-2,500

Available: Online on and other e-commerce platforms

About Big Stack: Founded in 2017, Big Stack is a premium fashion sportswear brand that is inspired by the game of poker. The brand supplies poker t-shirts and other clothing for poker enthusiast, whether a professional or recreational player. The brand offers a unique collection of clothing for both men and women and is currently retailing digitally.

Max Fashion | Long Due

Max Fashion | Long Due

What: Collection of maxi dress for women

USP: The range reinvents colour-blocked, printed or embroidered long maxi dress to be worn during day or evening for both casual and formal dos.

Price: Rs 349-2,499

Available: All outlets of Max Fashion and online on

About Max Fashion: The brand belonging to the Landmark Group has pioneered the concept of ‘latest fashion at great prices’, thereby offering the discerning shopper a vast choice with international fashion and quality.

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