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What: Collection of trousers for men

USP: Inspired by Italian lifestyle and fashion, the range comprises a line of stretch comfort trousers, with self-adjusting waistbands. Tailored with refined Italian cuts and breathable fabric, the trousers give comfort and ease to run through the long working hours of the day to the corporate men.

Price: Rs 1,899-2,299

Available: All outlets of Giovani

About Giovani: Launched in the year 2000, the brand was acquired by Future Lifestyle Fashions in 2014. Giovani is a quintessential suits & jackets brand that refuses to be ‘Jacketed’. Present in over 100 retail touch points spread across both exclusive brand stores and shop-in-shop, Giovani offers classic and elegant clothing tailored with refined Italian cuts and outstanding workmanship at an affordable price in India.

Sunil Mehra | Centenaire

Sunil Mehra | Centenaire

What: Collection of paisley print menswear

USP: Fascinated by the older culture from the time of Mughals, the range comprises collection of menswear in paisley print. The designer created a revival of paisley by incorporating the designs in the form of digital printed pocket squares, shirts, t-shirts, ties, blazers, scarves. From pop colours to earthy tones, paisleys are imprinted on fabrics like silk, cotton and linen.

Price: On request

Available: Sunil Mehra stores in New Delhi and Gurgaon

About Sunil Mehra: After starting his career in 1990, designer Sunil Mehra has gained unprecedented reputation for creating men’s garments. He is the only Indian menswear fashion designer who introduced a unique luxury clothing range inspired by the touch of spiritualism. His designer sensibilities vary between styles inspired by Krishna and donning functionality.

Corneliani | Formal Affair

Corneliani | Formal Affair

What: Collection of apparel and accessories for men

USP: The assortment comprises range of formal accessories and suits. The assemblage is a mix of leather belts, wallets, bags, shoes and ties complementing a match to formal apparel. The suit colour is bolder and blends to create new combinations that replicate a vintage styling essence.

Designed especially for the working men, the collection appeals to bring an ease in formal wear styling. The belts, briefcase and wallets in different hues of browns are crafted from premium leather, finished with the expert refinement of old-style craftsmanship. Varied in monk strap, derbies, brogues and loafers, the range of shoes are comfortable and ideal to wear on all special occasions.

Price: Rs 13,000 onwards (belts), Rs 11,000 onwards (ties), Rs 15,000 onwards (wallets), Rs 30,000 onwards (shoes)

Available: Corneliani’s boutiques in Delhi and Bangalore

About Corneliani: Corneliani is an Italian menswear manufacturer best known for its suits and sportcoats. The company distributes its products in over 70 countries worldwide through multi-brand stores and around 90 single-brand boutiques; Corneliani also manufactures and delivers made-to-measure suits worldwide.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

What: Gift collection of apparel, footwear and accessories for men

USP: With Father’s Day around, the assortment comprises an exquisite collection ranging from apparels, footwear, bags, wallets and belts.

Price: Rs 1,999 onwards

Available: Tommy Hilfiger stores across India

About Tommy Hilfiger: Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands and is internationally recognised for celebrating the essence of classic American cool style. Founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger delivers premium styling, quality and value to consumers worldwide.



What: Gift collection of leather accessories for men

USP: With Father’s Day around, the assortment comprises special selection of gifts ranging from iconic handcrafted leather bags, wallets and belts, that will last for years to come. The icon bags are crafted from durable Soweto and Maori leather while the sleek wallets are perfect for daily needs of the father. The sunglasses in the range will protect fathers’ eyes from harmful UV rays.

Price: 13,995 onwards (icon bags); 1,500 onwards (wallets); 3,307 onwards (sunglasses)

Available: All stores of Hidesign and online on

About Hidesign: Founded in 1978 by Dilip Kapur, Hidesign is a lifestyle group, which re-defined the vision of luxury in India through an ethos of high quality, ecological values and personalised service. Hidesign has established its name, through its iconic leather brand, based on a strong heritage of craftsmanship and innovation.

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