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Lalit Dalmia| La Moda

Lalit Dalmia| La Moda

What: Apparel for men and women

USP: Inspired from the past era, the concept of the assortment is referred to as vintage. The designs of the range serve as an alternative to those who admire an old style but prefer a modern interpretation. On one hand, the new artifacts of the range refer to modes, motifs, techniques, and modern materials for new trend while on the other hand it focuses on the cuts for high fashion and artistic styles. Balanced the styles with symmetrical, asymmetrical, side and slide slits, flounce, layers on layers etc., the collection is a cynical revival of older but relatively recent fashions.

Colours: Peach, plums, burgundy, pistachio greens, navy blues, ivory black, beige, half white

Price: On request

Available: At Lalit Dalmia’s store in New Delhi



What: Lace and pashmina scarves for women

USP: Combined with both European laces and Indian pashmina, the scarves consist of lace panels on pashmina. Softness and warmth of the pashmina is merged with the elegance of lace giving the best of both the worlds.

Colours: Magenta, hot red, salmon pink, mint blue and ivory

Price: Rs 7,000-25,000




What:Scarves and ribbons for women

USP: For marking International Women’s Day, Esprit has teamed up with UN Women National Committee (NC) Australia. Esprit’s assortment supports the empowerment of women and girls across the globe and 100 per cent of the proceeds from its sale will go to UN Women programmes, creating brighter futures for women and girls. Apart from this, 20 per cent of Espirt’s profit from all sales instore and online will go to support UN Women.

The signature print scarf has been designed to support women across the globe this International Women’s Day. Soft and lightweight, this accessory is perfect for transeasonal layering. Purchasing a signature scarf is a tangible way to show support for women’s empowerment around the world, now and into the future.

Price:$39.95 in Australia and $49.90 in New Zealand, $3 each for ribbons

Available:All Esprit stores, online at and leading e-commerce portals

Euro Fashion Inners | Euro Blaze

Euro Fashion Inners | Euro Blaze

What: Briefs for men

USP: Celebrating the inner fire and passion of men that drives them towards higher goals in life, Euro Fashion Inners’ new collection Euro Blaze is based on the latest modern trends. Made from 100% combed cotton, the range includes intimate low rise fit, contoured centre pouch and full covered back for the perfect macho look.

Colours: Black, navy, olive green, grey melange, coffee brown

Size: 75 cm - 100 cm

Price: Rs 128 per piece

Available: At leading retail counters, malls and supermarkets, online at and other e-commerce portals.



What: Footwear for women

USP: With impressive use of embellishments, interesting textures and chic silhouettes, the assortment features sheer design and superlative quality. Sneakers, loafers, flats, heels and platforms in fine quality leather, patent, and suede bring vibrance to the style.

Price: Rs 2,500 onwards

Available: At Pratinavas store in New Delhi

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