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The Woolmark Company | A New Beginning

The Woolmark Company | A New Beginning

What: Limited edition Australian Merino wool capsule collection

USP: Created by Iconic Australian designer Jenny Kee, in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, the collection is made from 100 per cent Australian Merino wool. The collection is reminiscent of Kee’s recognisable Australiana knitwear from the 1980s.

The use of digital knitting has allowed Kee to include an abundance of colour through a streamlined manufacturing process.

Available: Selected speciality stores in several countries and online at

Bombay Shirt Company | Father’s Day offer

Bombay Shirt Company | Father’s Day offer

What: Customised formal shirts for men

USP: Design shirt online, down to the most detailed specification and get it custom-tailored. Choose fabrics, cuffs, collars, buttons and even add own monogram.

Price: Rs 1,940 onwards

Available: At flagship stores in Mumbai and on

Vogue Eyewear

Vogue Eyewear

What: Spring-summer 2015 eyewear collection for women

USP: The new collection reflects easy-to-wear style embellished with innovative detailing. Rainbow colours of In Vogue range, with shades juxtaposed over three layers of colour and transparent elements, make them must-have of the season. The chromatic effect of the Colorbands theme adds a touch of vivacity to the urban modernity of the Casual Chic range, while exclusive decorations, such as unique Crystals from Swarovski, lend an aura of refinement and luminosity to the Timeless line.

Warm colours available in opaline or matte variations of blue, burgundy and purple bring light and softness to the collection, maximising the sense of iconic femininity: perfect for any contemporary woman.

Key styles: In Vogue, Casual Chic and Timeless.

Available: Sunglass Hut stores in India | Pen.ny | Pen.ny

What: Seamless and denim finished leggings for women

USP: Made of jacquard fabric, Penny PowerStretch Seamless Toning leggings are seamless, form-fitting and have 4-way stretch – perfect for an active lifestyle. Combining the fit of leggings and the look of jeans, Penny PowerStretch Toning Denim finished leggings are made of thick fabric with 4-way stretch. Smart stitch print along the mock pockets, zipper details and bottom folds give these leggings the style upgrade.

Price: Rs 695 onwards


Swarovski | India Collection

Swarovski | India Collection

What: Exclusive jewellery collection consisting earrings, bracelets and necklaces

USP: Created specifically for the Indian market, the collection is inspired by Swarovski’s rich heritage of art and design and elements found in nature. Peacock feathers, paisley, filigree and the lotus flower - motifs traditionally used as patterns on textile, embroidery and wall murals in India find their way into this collection.

Designed by Swarovski creative director Nathalie Colin, the collection has 60 unique pieces that can comfortably go along with work wear, evening wear and casual looks. Rich and vibrant colours of Swarovski crystals - emerald, Siam, rose and Montana blended with delicate shades of golden shadow and vintage rose add opulence to the designs.

Price: Rs 3,000 to 17,000

Available: All Swarovski stores in India

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