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What is the consumer’s demand and expectation likely to be in 2018 when it comes to denim? What should retailers and buyers look out for? F-trend draws the denim trend forecast for the year 2018 with focus on the tiniest of details such as fringes, patches, and tassels in key areas of denim wear such as sleeves, cuffs, and neck as well as 3D surface direction. This report also looks into the key social behaviour influencing the denim market and its translation into silhouettes, print, and essential colour palettes.


Accentuated patches add to the drama of denim. The sprinkles and crystal work along with visuals such as smileys and colourful faces, work well with the current mood as consumers, especially millennials, are exposed to rich media experiences such as augmented reality, VR, 3D prints and social platforms.

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