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The 23rd edition of Milano Unica with the theme ‘New Beginning’ will be held from February 1-3, 2017 in Fieramilano Rho. The New Beginning features a new standard of services, creativity and excellence of the offer to accompany clients towards the values of quality and authenticity characterising ‘Made in Italy’ and ‘Made in Europe’ products.

Trends are a stronghold of Milano Unica innovation and research: never ordinary they bring the community through creative channels.

The pleasure of travel, the dream to bring together different cultures, the game of connecting past and present and the desire to rediscover historical figures of aesthetic and cultural importance: these are the cornerstones on which

Milano Unica’s new trends for next spring-summer 2018 have been based.

The result are three basic themes, that are the combination between a historical character and a real but yet idealised place, both for its glorious past and its everlasting collective imagination value.

In this perfect game, Nefertiti, legendary Queen of Egypt, in Ibiza, is placed at the very heart of the international social scene, while the Russian artist Kazimir Malevich is relayed in Sorrento’s southern sunshine. And lastly, Carlo Mollino, architect from Turin, has been flown to Tehran following the path of Iranian culture.

These associations, however, are not at all light hearted, because modernity is not an abstract concept but on the contrary is all that can be born from an unusual, even extreme, crossover of languages, experiences, cultures and people coming from all space and time latitudes.

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