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Come September and the festive season gains momentum in India what with the splurge on festivals and weddings that brands and retailers look forward to. HIRAL OZA spoke to some designers to know the latest contemporary styles and traditional classic ensembles that are expected to trend this season for both men and women. Here are some quick-wins that brick-and-mortar and online stores can stock up for the festive season ahead.

Fashion inspirations

Archana Kochhar: One will see a lot of vintage arts being used in a contemporary fashion.

Lalit Dalmia: I have always been my own inspiration

Monisha Jaising: Like the name of my collection is "The Debutante", the inspiration is also from the era when there was much importance to such ceremonies. A debutante ought to dress like the most spectacular woman in a room with a crowd of hundreds. Each design in my collection is curated for someone who doesn’t shy away from standing out. Grandeur and extravagance with subtle minimalistic design aesthetics form the fashion inspiration.

Nitasha Agarwal: At SS Homme, our latest couture collection for 2016-17 takes inspiration from the Topkapi Palace in Turkey and reverberates rich aesthetics of bold, royal colours through luscious fabrics and reflects the vibrant hues of the marble used in the architecture of the palace.

Swati & Sunaina: Swati & Sunaina as a brand lean strongly on historical references of rich textiles. This year the new collection draws inspiration from floral references amongst old Indian textiles and Mughal architecture.

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