Trendy fabrics hold sway at Amazon IFW DOWNLOAD PDF

Fabrics, colours and prints dominated the Amazon India Fashion Week earlier this month, reports Meher Castelino

While the West may wear some heavy woollens and leather for Autumn/Winter 2018, in India it’s a season for glamorous fabrics that move from festive to bridal and holidaywear. At the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018, which took place in New Delhi from March 14–18, designers unveiled collections using interesting fabrics, colours, crafts and prints that will be trendy for the end of the year season.

The event, organised by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) in New Delhi, witnessed a profusion of natural fabrics like khadi and ikat along with the popular georgette, merino wool and some special weaves. There was a hint of leather along with a wide rainbow of colours, which almost looked as if the season was not quite Autumn/Winter in nature. Embroidery appeared in all forms on the garments along with interesting printing techniques and lots of dazzle to highlight the ensembles.

The Indian chintzes inspired Abraham & Thakore along with the rich floral fabrics for a colour story that began with khaki, coral and olive along with the quintessential A&T black and white. The base was cotton and silk with sheers and textures coming seamlessly together to present a perfect end of season look.

For Anupama Dayal, the excitement was in the love for Lucknow and the beauty of chikankari in white-on-white embroidery with Lucknowi motifs and prints of swords, daggers and kites. The highlights with sequins, and needlecraft were the centre of attraction for this lively collection that had splashes of colour.

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