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Creations may start off as a luxury and a so privilege but is actually changes millions of people’s lifestyle.
1.         Couture
2.         Accessories
3.         Design
4.         Perfumes


Tristan & Yseult

Love filter
Eternal Youth
Artmemisia mandarin
Small Grain
Rose Black current musk

The floral Flight of the rose of the east, blended with notes of peach –apricot, and budding blackberries, cardamom and scandal. Both a flower, symbol and color.

Bleu Marine
A young woody green and amber perfume with notes of bergamot armoise and basil,patchouli amber with oregano and labdanum.

Sensual leather notes from the lightest to the most intense.

A tonic invigorating freshness a subtle harmony of fruited exotic notes: mango, litchi, lily of the valley, jasmine, cardamom and amber.

A Stunning Boutique of flowers full of sweetness and notes of rosewood, ylang-ylang from the comores, rose from morocco and jasmine from Egypt.

Every Man is an enigma.
Woody with lavender, Forest pine, leather with cedar from Lebanon and leather is from Russia.


An elegant perfume, fresh and tonic with notes of bergamot, lavender, orange, sandlewood, oak and geranium moss, oil of opoponax and Russian leather.


Under a shiny glass roof appears the creative odyssey of Pierre Cardin. The Present, Past, Future Museum displays Pierre Cardin’s passion for Couture, Accessories, Jewelry and Design. “All my creations reflect the artistic, social, and scientific events of these last fifty years” says Pierre Cardin, self conscious about leaving an evidence of his futuristic universe.

His creations are spread on the two floors of the museum, enabling the visitor to explore Pierre Cardin’s visionary idea of fashion from his first designs done for Christian Dior in the 40’s, from his designs of the Cosmos years during the 1965-1975 period, to his creations of the years 2000. Pierre Cardin supervised personally the display of his 150 designs among the most emblematic of his career. The Present, Past, Future museum restores Pierre Cardin’s creative enthusiasm which he sums in its unaltered substance “The clothes I like best are the ones I invent for a life that doesn’t yet exist: tomorrow’s world.” The numerous sources of inspiration of the couturier always one step ahead of his time highlight his strong determination of never doing like his contemporaries, as the collar and shirtfront of a cocktail dress inspired by car bumpers!

“Designing a dress is a similar dimension: like furniture it has to fit, and the search for lines and materials is the same in both cases”. Being a Fashion designer never prevents Pierre Cardin from being as well an accomplished Furniture designer, therefore he dedicates a great deal of space in his museum to these “Utilitarian Sculptures” that he began to design in the 70’s.

The Present, Past, Future museum also exhibits numerous futuristic and surprising accessories such as hats, shoes, sunglasses, jewels, belts and masks.