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Pierre Cardin is involved in projects for the French Academy of Fine Arts, like the artwork “The Swords of the Fine Arts Academy”. He also received the Bicentenary exhibition of the Fine Arts Academy at the Espace Pierre Cardin.

Pierre Cardin bought and renovated the Marquis de Sade’s château at Lacoste, where every year he organises a festival of lyrical and theatrical art featuring famous singers like Anna Gheorgiu. By renovating the village of Lacoste as well as the Marquis de Sade’s château, Pierre Cardin is creating an artistic utopia, because for him,

“Art is a passion I’ve had all my life.”

Music has also been celebrated in all its forms with artists as different as Rostropovitch, Marlène Dietrich, Alice Cooper, Nicole Croisille, Dionne Warwick, Les Négresses Vertes and KD Lang. Pierre Cardin continues to take a personal interest in many artistic projects. Pierre Cardin is especially fond of dance, and in 1988 he was appointed Honorary President of the International Dance Committee. From the 70’s, he produced several performances by the great Russian ballerina Maïa Plissetskaïa.

Pierre Cardin ignores prejudices and preconceptions when it comes to promoting artists he is really impressed by, whether they are newcomers or already known. From 1970, Pierre Cardin began making available the magical ‘Espace Cardin’ for sculptors, authors, dancers, actors and directors, and it is now an important venue in the Paris art scene.

 Pierre Cardin is also present in the world of cinema, and in fact the couturier who wanted to be an actor is Honorary President of the Golden Stars of Cinema Festival.

Acquiring Maxims

Pierre Cardin has built up an impressive collection of Art Nouveau furniture and artefacts, so he was just the man to take over MAXIM’S, and it all came about at a dinner in 1981. The famous ‘Bateau Maxim’s’- is a real floating palace. The name MAXIM’S really took off and quickly developed worldwide, with highly publicised openings in Beijing in 1983 and Moscow in 1995.

Many MAXIM’S gourmet products are sold all over the world. Pierre Cardin marketed MAXIM’S champagne in 1982, and received the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne. Pierre Cardin hosts today’s big Hollywood names, like 2009 oscar-winning actor Sean Penn. In the years following the Liberation, when Pierre Cardin arrived in Paris to begin his career as a couturier, MAXIM’S became the favourite haunt of the Hollywood set.

DPierre Cardin also organises events for the French Academy of Fine Arts, at MAXIM’S. ISo it was only natural for Pierre Cardin to become the Man of MAXIM’S, because as well as introducing new ideas, he managed to preserve the tradition and authenticity of the place. Many famous names have frequented MAXIM’S, among them Orson Wells, Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Richard Burton, Charlie Chaplin, and Salvador Dali.
Footage on Maxim's Universe !

The echo of all the legendary parties that have been held there lingers on in the quite unique atmosphere of MAXIM’S, which still serves its own champagne vintage, as always. Although MAXIM’S is world famous for its prestige, its unique Art Nouveau décor has played an important role in making it a top flight address for wining and dining.  The famous satirical cartoonist Sem sketched the worldly clientele at MAXIM’S for years. Of all his illustrations, this is the most famous.

More than a century of unchanging tradition has been handed down at MAXIM’S, which its present owner, Pierre Cardin, calls “Un Certain Art de Vivre” (A Certain Art of Living). This temple of Art Nouveau has been the setting for the most refined and international of occasions.

It was because of this prestigious décor that in July 1979, MAXIM’S was classified as a historic monument, taking its place among France’s rich artistic heritage. This places MAXIM’S in the care of the French nation.