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Mark Parker - President and CEO, NIKE, Inc.
Charlie Denson - President, Nike Brand, NIKE, Inc.
Maria Eitel - President and CEO, Nike Foundation
Howard Taylor - Managing Director, Nike Foundation
Collette Hemmings - Chief Operating Officer, Nike Foundation
Caroline Whaley - General Manager, Creative Development, Nike Foundation
Stuart Hogue - General Manager, Girl Hub, Nike Foundation
Don Blair - Executive VP and CFO, NIKE, Inc.
Jennifer Buffett - Co-Chair, NoVo Foundation
Peter Buffett - Co-Chair, NoVo Foundation
Gary DeStefano - President, Global Operations, NIKE, Inc.
Trevor Edwards - Executive VP, Global Brand & Category Management, NIKE, Inc.
Hannah Jones - VP, Sustainable Business & Innovation, NIKE, Inc.
Hilary Krane - Executive VP, Legal and Corporate Affairs, NIKE, Inc.