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With setting an aim to discharge women's bodies from the New look to soothing materials; Guy Laroche launched his eponymous couture label in 1957. His works were unmatched in elegance, be it refined or discreet. Without compromising on quality, Laroche worked with upgraded old tradition and end product.

By implementing Crêpe de chine and chiffon into airy garments that were both, elegant and adapted to everyday life, he soon made a name for himself with the subversive, surprise element each garment bore. Guy Laroche jazzed up the elements of seduction and minimalism that could be seen in his designs of - a simple black dress with a high neck and a bare back, a long skirt with an unexpected slit, a masculine jacket with a draped back.

Lorache's designs were and still followed by decades such as - the inventor of the sack dress impressed Women's Wear Daily with his ground-breaking 'lose lines'; his 'dos surprise', a taste for surprising, unexpected design on the back of dresses, charmed his clientele. His masculine suits entirely embroidered in black sequins proved a bold alternative to cocktail dresses; reversible knits and tiny berets, and knot-tied toques spiced up every woman's wardrobe. Creations such as the coat-dress and the shirt-dress continue to be a staple in women’s wardrobes today.

Monsieur Laroche's approach to the business was also modern: he presented shorter collections, not only in Paris but all over the world - Lebanon, Tunisia, Japan, Iran, Turkey. He wished to build personal relations with his customers round the globe. He passed away in 1989.