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The Milano Moda Uomo, held from January 12 to 15, is an international fashion event that no one from the industry wants to miss. Cristiana Bonzi reports.

The Milano Moda Uomo this year presented prêt-à-porter menswear collections for the fall/winter 2018/19 season. In all, there were 44 events and 31 fashion shows, and those like Diesel Black Gold, Neil Barrett, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Dsquared2, Daks, Palm Angels, GCDS and Frankie Morello, chose the Milanese catwalks to present both men’s and women’s lines.

Considering all the collections on show—both on and off the runway, it would be next to impossible to outline one key trend that was shared by all brands. Each followed its own inspiration, but streetwear seemed to play an important role for most designers. There were plenty of experiments in textiles, materials and colours in the name of technology and sustainability: from Prada’s black nylon—which is going to be produced in a totally recyclable version—to the Zegna’s Oasi Cashmere that featured colours obtained from natural elements. On the Milano Moda Uomo’s catwalk to be seen for the first time were Isabel Benenato, an Italian brand founded by Isabel Vitiello; Represent, English label born in 2012 thanks to George and Mike Heaton; Hunting World, traditional brand from New York founded by Robert M Lee in 1959; and Sartorial Monk, Italian fashion house created by Sabato Russo.

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