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I aspire to redefine the product development process with modern tech

Parisian designer Steven Passaro launched his eponymous fashion label in 2019, where fashion transcends mere clothing and becomes a profound journey of self-discovery. Steven Passaro redefines fashion as an extension of personal identity. In a chat with Fibre2Fashion, Passaro delves into a realm where style meets soul, and every stitch tells a story of empowerment and authenticity.

Fibre2Fashion: What inspired you to launch your own label?

Steven Passaro:

My idea is to create a brand that provides a space for self-discovery, allowing individuals to break free from their own conditioning. I see clothing as a powerful form of expression. I aim to design beautiful garments that are delicate and modern, without compromising on quality. Moreover, I aspire to redefine the product development process by incorporating modern technology.


F2F: From what sources do you draw inspiration when creating your designs?


Life itself serves as my primary source of inspiration. When I draw, it feels as if I'm transported to another realm, where ideas flow from a different world. I'm drawn to romanticism, technology, and the complexities of the mind, body, and spirit. For me, creativity is a spiritual journey.

F2F: What motivated you to incorporate gender-neutral codes into your designs?


It stemmed from my desire to challenge societal norms. Growing up in a family with toxic masculinity, I sought to redefine what it means to be masculine and feminine. I believe we all embody both yin and yang energies, and finding balance and peace within ourselves is crucial.

F2F: Could you elaborate on how you use traditional tailoring techniques alongside modern 3D design techniques?


I discovered my passion for tailoring and construction during my visual merchandising internship at Dior. The craftsmanship was undeniable, inspiring me to master the craft. Later, after completing a 2-year degree in set design, I embraced 3D virtual tools in fashion. They not only reduce waste and save time but also add an element of fun. Now, my studio in Paris is located in the Style3D Tech centre, where we seamlessly merge craftsmanship with technology.

F2F: Can you share any memorable moments or lessons learned during your tenure at Christian Dior?


My mission is to make people dream and provide them with delightful experiences. I've always found myself analysing garment construction whenever I held one in my hands, captivated by its complexity. It's this passion that drives me to create unforgettable moments through fashion.

F2F: What was the concept behind your debut collection, 'Body of Folds'?


The concept of 'Body of Folds' embodies the idea of being multi-layered, akin to 'pleats of matters, the folds of the souls.' The pleats in fabrics symbolise the intricate emotions of the soul, serving as a metaphor for life itself. It's about wearing clothes that move and evolve as inner emotions unfold, creating a dynamic and deeply personal expression.

F2F: In what ways do you see clothing as a form of expression and a vehicle for conveying raw emotions? Could you discuss the significance of clothing as a safe space for self-expression?


Clothing has the power to evoke specific feelings and aid in overcoming challenges. It can provide comfort, instil confidence, or express vulnerability that words cannot convey. I enjoy playing with the concept of finding strength in vulnerability through fashion.

F2F: What do you envision as the role of fashion in fostering awareness of the body, mind, and soul?


Fashion serves as a medium for connecting with one's body, regardless of self-awareness. It prompts reflection on the fabrics that envelop the skin, fostering a sense of mindfulness. For me, it's a practice.

F2F: How do you ensure that your garments remain timeless yet contemporary?


I avoid trends in favour of long-term thinking. For me, quality and craftsmanship are integral to creating timeless garments that endure beyond fleeting fads.

F2F: What impact do you hope to make with your fashion beyond the realm of aesthetics?


I believe my dedication to utilising 3D technology is gradually making a difference. I've already persuaded industry peers to explore its potential, and together, we're reducing waste while innovating in fashion.

F2F: Are there any innovations or techniques you're excited to explore in your upcoming work?


I find myself deeply curious, albeit a bit apprehensive, about the possibilities presented by AI. Nevertheless, I'm drawn to exploring its potential and pushing boundaries.

F2F: How do you plan to continue evolving your brand while staying true to your core values and philosophy?


Balancing craft, art, and commercial aspects is vital, but each season offers an opportunity to explore different facets of core values and philosophy. It's within this creative process that I find immense pleasure and fulfilment.

How do you plan to continue evolving your brand while staying true to your core values and philosophy?

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 16/02/2024
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