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Quality work stands out in the crowded world of content creation

Fashion influencer Sriram has been gaining followers swiftly by posting his authentic self-portraits against stylised backdrops. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Sriram offers a glimpse into the world behind his vibrant and eye-catching Instagram gallery, highlighting the influence of design principles in his work and the joy of influencing others positively.

Fibre2Fashion: What inspired you to start taking self-portraits and how would you describe your journey?


I started taking self-portraits out of curiosity and a fascination with fashion photography. I always liked looking at travel and editorial photos in magazines like Vogue and Grazia. I had a desire to create similar images. Initially, I couldn’t get good photos because I couldn’t rely on others to take them for me. During the lockdown, I discovered self-portraiture and started creating my own sets and photos. I began posting them on my private Instagram account, but it was just for personal documentation.

Later, in high school, I learned about design and innovation, and I realised I could include my self-portraits in my portfolio for design college admissions. So, I started taking it more seriously and eventually made my Instagram account public. My account gained attention after some content creators such as Dolly Singh, Kusha Kapila, and many more shared my work, and that’s how my journey as a content creator began.


F2F: What factors or inspirations shape your unique visual style that we see constantly on your Instagram?


My unique visual style is influenced by vibrant, eye-catching colours that evoke a sense of dopamine. I draw inspiration from other people’s work, such as fashion magazines like Vogue, which motivate me to create beautiful and unique content. I also find inspiration in discovering new creators and their styles, especially when I’m facing creative blocks. Collaborating with brands like Gucci has become a driving force, pushing me to work harder and achieve success at a young age. Additionally, knowing that I inspire others and serve as a role model, especially for those struggling with issues like skin colour, gives me a strong sense of purpose and motivates me to continue creating.

F2F: Could you describe a movement or experience from your personal life that was a turning point in your journey towards self-acceptance and embracing your unique beauty?


My journey towards self-acceptance and embracing my unique beauty was influenced by the challenges I faced in school due to bullying. I used to feel insecure about my skin colour and tried various methods to change it. However, during the lockdown and as I spent more time with myself, I gradually became more comfortable and confident in my own skin. This period helped me learn to love and accept myself for who I am.

Though I still have moments of insecurity, I’ve developed a thicker skin and gained mental strength from these experiences. Overall, my journey towards self-acceptance has been a process of building confidence and resilience, and it’s an ongoing journey.

F2F: Can you recall a specific message or encounter from a follower that deeply resonated with you and reinforced the importance of your work?


One message that deeply resonated with me was when followers expressed how my work helped them feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Knowing that I inspire others and serve as a role model is incredibly fulfilling and reinforces the importance of my work. It gives me a sense of purpose and motivates me to continue creating content that promotes self-acceptance and embracing one’s unique beauty.

F2F: You have mentioned your interest in design principles and colour theory. How do these elements influence your photography?


Design principles and colour theory play a significant role in my photography. They help me create visually appealing compositions by considering elements like the rule of thirds and colour harmony. Using complementary colours and creating a cohesive colour palette are essential aspects of my work. I continuously learn and incorporate these principles to enhance the quality of my photography.

F2F: How do you maintain authenticity on social media while expressing yourself and avoiding excessive photo editing?


Maintaining authenticity on social media is essential to me. Many people tend to present a polished and edited version of themselves on social platforms, creating an unrealistic perception of life. I strive to be genuine and show my true self, flaws and all, without excessive photo editing or filters. Embracing my natural appearance, including my skin colour, is important to me, and I believe it sends a positive message to others who may feel pressured to conform to beauty standards. This authenticity has resonated with my followers and has allowed me to connect with them on a more meaningful level.

F2F: Can you share any upcoming projects or goals you have in mind for your photography and creative journey?


My upcoming projects and goals in my creative journey include reaching the 100K follower milestone, which has been a dream of mine since long. I also aspire to collaborate with bigger brands and potentially walk the runway for a fashion show, whether it is at Paris Fashion Week or an Indian fashion event. These are significant milestones for me as a content creator, and I believe they can inspire others to pursue their passions. So, my focus is on growth and making a positive impact on my audience.

F2F: Who are the photographers that have profoundly influenced your work? Can you share a key lesson or insight you have gained from their artistry?


I draw inspiration from a variety of sources rather than specific photographers. While I don’t have a particular name that profoundly influences my work, I find inspiration in editorial work featured in magazines. The creativity of creative directors, editors, and content creators like Mansi and Larissa dsa has inspired me in different ways. For example, Mansi’s self-portraits and Larissa dsa's travel content sparked my creativity and motivated me to explore new ideas in my own work. Additionally, I often find inspiration from magazines, recent editorials like the one in Vogue France’s September issue, and various visual content on platforms like Pinterest and YouTube. Overall, I’m influenced by a wide range of creative work that triggers my own creativity and drives me to produce unique content.

F2F: What advice do you have for other young creatives or creators who are just starting their journey in the world of art and self-expression?


Here’s some advice for young creatives or creators who are just starting their journey in the world of art and self-expression:

Passion Over Material Goals: Focus on doing what you genuinely love and are passionate about rather than pursuing it solely for materialistic goals like money or followers. When your passion drives your creativity, it will lead to more authentic and fulfilling work.

Mental Well-being: As you grow as a creator, you might encounter negative comments or criticism on the internet. It’s crucial to prioritise your mental well-being. Be prepared for both the positive and negative aspects of being a creator and take breaks when needed.

Quality Over Quantity: Quality work stands out in the crowded world of content creation. Treat your content like a portfolio and showcase only your best work. It’s okay not to post every day; what matters is the impact and impression your content leaves.

Uniqueness: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. In a sea of similar content, being unique and creating something different can capture your audience’s attention and make your work memorable.

Remember that your creative journey is a process, and success often takes time and dedication. Stay true to yourself, keep learning, and don’t be discouraged by challenges or setbacks along the way. Your unique perspective and passion can lead to meaningful and inspiring creative work.

F2F: Could you provide us a couple of tips on how to click a picture of oneself? What are the things that should be kept in mind while doing a self-portrait shoot or just taking your own picture?


The following tips would help while taking self-portraits.

Use a Tripod: Invest in a tripod to keep your camera steady and compose your shot precisely.
Rule of Thirds: Compose your shot using the rule of thirds for a balanced and visually appealing result.
Lighting: Choose good lighting, like the golden hour for outdoor shots, and use soft, diffused lighting indoors.
Camera Settings: Adjust settings, focus on your face, and use a wide aperture for a pleasing background blur.
Experiment: Try different angles, poses, and expressions to find what works best for you.
Editing: Enhance your self-portraits through post-processing, but maintain authenticity.
Practice: Self-portrait photography improves with practice, so keep trying and learning from your experiences.

F2F: Would you like to suggest some of the latest trends that every fashion influencer or aspirant should be following or knowing?


Some simplified fashion trends and tips for fashion influencers and aspirants are:

Latest Trends:
Move away from skinny jeans; explore diverse and comfortable clothing options.
Stay updated with evolving aesthetics like the ‘old money’ aesthetic.
Experiment with trends like ‘bloke core’ that involve styling jerseys with unique accessories.
Keep an eye on runway trends from renowned brands for inspiration.

Styling Tips:
Focus on colour coordination, ensuring colours complement each other well.
Avoid using clashing or jarring colour combinations.
Seek inspiration from the internet, platforms like Pinterest, and other fashionistas.
Recreate looks that inspire you, experiment with outfit combinations, and personalise your style based on your preferences.

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 12/10/2023
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