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I prefer immersing myself in the brand’s style before brainstorming for ideas

In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, renowned celebrity photographer and entrepreneur Rahul Jhangiani delves into his multifaceted career—from his initial foray into photography to co-founding a tech-driven fitness corporation. Jhangiani also shares his inspirations, memorable projects, and how he balances multiple roles in dynamic industries.

Fibre2Fashion: Can you tell us about your journey from being a science student to becoming a renowned celebrity photographer and entrepreneur? What inspired this transition?

Rahul Jhangiani:

Assisting Mr Subi Samuel, who was actually my neighbour at that time, was the moment I realised that photography was not just a hobby for me but my true passion. The rush I felt when capturing the perfect shot, the thrill of watching a vision come to life through the lens, and the excitement of being part of such a vibrant and dynamic industry fuelled my desire to pursue photography professionally.


F2F: Your portfolio boasts an impressive array of A-list celebrities you’ve worked with. Could you share a memorable experience or project that stands out to you from your work with these personalities?


Diljit Dosanjh gave me the incredible opportunity to shoot the album cover for his upcoming international release. It was an unexpected and last-minute arrangement. The entire process of shooting Diljit’s album cover was an adventure in itself. Despite the spontaneous nature of the shoot, we were able to secure a rundown sound equipment storage facility in Mumbai, allowing us to create a unique and visually enticing backdrop. Diljit’s willingness to experiment and push creative boundaries always brings out the best in me as a photographer.

F2F: You’ve co-founded TC1, a tech-driven fitness corporation specialising in EMS training. How did you venture into the fitness industry, and what innovations does TC1 bring to the fitness market?


My friend Ishaan Verma who is a fitness enthusiast, was in talks with me for a while for a collaboration. It was his latest brainchild, TC1, that particularly impressed me.

TC1 harnesses the power of modern technology by incorporating Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) into one’s workout routine, enabling individuals like you and me to achieve the best results in minimal time. This revolutionary approach to fitness seeks to simplify workouts while maximising efficiency, allowing anyone to get in top shape conveniently.

F2F: You’re also involved with Metaman, the first Indian men’s jewellery brand, and its affordable version, Drip Project. What motivated you to invest in this particular industry, and what sets these brands apart?


Men’s jewellery has long been an underrepresented segment in the Indian market, often overlooked or overshadowed by women’s accessories. However, with the changing times and evolving fashion trends, there is a growing demand for unique and stylish jewellery pieces tailored specifically for men.

Having initially embarked on my journey in the fashion industry with a particular affinity for men’s fashion, it was exhilarating to come across a platform like Metaman.

F2F: How do you manage to divide your time effectively between your roles as a photographer, entrepreneur, and investor across various ventures? Do you have a team that helps you juggle these diverse responsibilities?


I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have gathered such a remarkable group of individuals who possess a wide range of skills and expertise. One of the key benefits of having this exceptional team is the ability to effectively divide my time between my various ventures.

F2F: Your photography work includes collaborations with prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and Hyundai. How do you approach blending your creative vision with the brand’s messaging and identity?


Before I even begin brainstorming for ideas or conceptualising a unique approach for the brand, I make it a point to thoroughly study its roots and overall identity. This deep dive allows me to grasp the essence of the brand, its journey, and what makes it stand out from the competition. By immersing myself in the brand’s style, any creative work I produce aligns seamlessly with the existing branding elements with my photography style.

F2F: What are some of your favourite lighting techniques or equipment you frequently use to achieve your signature style?


In my photography journey, I have discovered a deep fondness for capturing images using natural light. When it comes to commercial shoots that demand a heavy setup, I am more than willing to adapt and utilise the necessary equipment. However, I believe that through careful use of lighting techniques and taking advantage of available natural light, a remarkable outcome can still be achieved.

F2F: Fashion trends are constantly evolving. How do you stay inspired and keep your work fresh and relevant in an industry known for its dynamism?


As a creator, it becomes our responsibility to ensure we satisfy this inherent craving for something different, something unexpected. For me personally, travelling has emerged as my biggest source of inspiration. Setting foot in new surroundings, experiencing unfamiliar cultures, and witnessing diverse perspectives have all contributed significantly to my creative process.

F2F: Many aspiring fashion photographers are eager to know how to break into the industry. What advice would you give to newcomers looking to establish themselves as fashion photographers?


The most important thing is to keep shooting. Shoot everything you see and everything you love. You have to constantly be inspired. You have to keep experimenting and learning new things. There’s no end to learning in photography.

F2F: Can you share any upcoming projects or goals that you are excited about in your photography or entrepreneurial endeavours?


I had the incredible opportunity to work with Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. We collaborated on a sensational advertising campaign, and I cannot express how eagerly I await its release.

Apart from this remarkable collaboration, I also had the privilege of shooting an ad campaign with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. This shoot was a departure from my usual projects, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this unique opportunity. Virat brought his signature charm and determination to the set, making this shoot an absolute delight.

Can you share any upcoming projects or goals that you are excited about in your photography or entrepreneurial endeavours?

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 23/10/2023
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