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Mohak Narang


I want to show that fashion can be a part of our daily lives, an expression of individuality and confidence

Boasting 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and a substantial 3.6 million followers on Instagram, it is no surprise that digital content creator and actor Mohak Narang has collaborated with big-name brands—the likes of Vogue and Versace Jean Couture. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Narang shares about the most memorable experience of his journey and discusses the different niches he would like to explore.

Fibre2Fashion: Can you tell us about your journey into the world of social media and digital content creation? What inspired you to start?

Mohak Narang:

My journey into the world of social media and digital content creation began as a passion project. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of storytelling through visuals and videos. What inspired me to start was the desire to share my perspective on style, fashion, and lifestyle. The immense creativity and connectivity offered by social media platforms motivated me to embark on this exciting journey.


F2F: You’ve been successful in collaborating with renowned brands like Flipkart, Ajio Life, Vogue, Versace Jean Couture, and Massimo Dutti. Can you share some of your most memorable experiences from these collaborations?


Collaborating with iconic brands has been an incredible journey. One of the most memorable experiences was working with Ajio, where I got to explore and create content that pushed the boundaries of fashion and style. The opportunity to work with Versace Jean Couture was a dream come true, and it allowed me to merge high fashion with everyday wear. These collaborations have not only expanded my creative horizons but also provided me with insights into the fashion industry’s dynamism.

F2F: Fashion plays a significant role in your content. How would you describe your personal fashion sense and style? What inspires your unique approach to men’s fashion?


My personal fashion sense is best described as contemporary and versatile. I find inspiration in everyday life, art, and global fashion trends. My unique approach to men’s fashion lies in making it relatable and accessible. I want to show that fashion is not limited to runways but can be a part of our daily lives, an expression of individuality and confidence.

F2F: You recently graced the runway at Lakme Fashion Week for Park Avenue’s City Casuals collection. Could you tell us about your experience and what it means for you as a content creator and fashion enthusiast?


Walking the Lakme Fashion Week runway for Park Avenue’s City Casuals collection was a defining moment in my career. It bridged the gap between content creation and the fashion industry. It signifies a shift from being just an influencer to a true contributor to the fashion world. This experience reinforced my passion for fashion and the importance of authenticity in content creation.

F2F: You’ve mentioned the importance of reinventing your content. How do you stay adaptable and creative in such a dynamic industry? What advice would you give to aspiring content creators?


Staying adaptable and creative in this dynamic industry involves continuous learning and experimentation. I stay updated on emerging trends, engage with my audience for feedback, and collaborate with creative minds. My advice to aspiring content creators is to find their unique voice and never stop evolving. Authenticity is key, and it’s crucial to be open to change and always keep learning.

F2F: Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations that your audience can look forward to?


I’m excited about some upcoming projects, but I want to keep them as surprises for my audience. However, I can promise that they’ll be a blend of innovation and style that I hope my followers will enjoy.

F2F: Can you share any memorable experiences or challenges you’ve faced as a fashion influencer that have shaped your career and perspective in the industry?


One memorable experience was when I received a heartfelt message from a follower who mentioned that my content helped boost their self-esteem. This reminded me of the positive impact influencers can have. Challenges, on the other hand, have been opportunities to learn and grow. From tackling creative blocks to navigating the ever-evolving algorithms, these challenges have reinforced the importance of resilience in this industry.

F2F: What are your favourite content creation tools or techniques that you can’t live without?


My favourite content creation tools include high-quality cameras, editing software, and a well-planned content calendar. Additionally, I find techniques like storytelling and creating engaging narratives to be essential in connecting with my audience.

F2F: In addition to fashion and lifestyle content, are there any other topics or niches you’d like to explore in the future?


I’m open to exploring new horizons in the future. Travel, wellness, and sustainability are areas I’d love to delve into. My audience’s interests are evolving, and I aim to grow with them while staying true to my brand.

F2F: Lastly, can you share a memorable fan encounter or fan feedback that touched you deeply or left a lasting impression?


Every message or comment from my followers is special, but one encounter that deeply touched me was when a young aspiring content creator shared that I was their inspiration. It's heartwarming to know that I can influence and motivate others positively through my journey.

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 25/10/2023
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