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Mae Geri

Label - Minuit Wear

Minuit Wear strives to be a loungewear brand beautiful inside and out

France-based loungewear brand designer, Mae Geri, is known for her chic collection with refined cuts, vibrant colours, and expressive details. Minuit wear label is a true inspiration that journeys through time, destinations, and artisanal crafts. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, the designer reveals her inspiration behind her collections and her approach towards sustainability.

Fibre2Fashion: How would you illustrate your journey in the world of fashion? What motivated you to start your own label?

Mae Geri:

It started in Paris as I was working there for luxury fashion brands, having experience in different fields. I am curious and love to learn. Also, starting a brand has always been a dream of mine. So, I was eager to learn as much as I could.

My motivation was to one day be able to create and share with others a vision /concept. Not only did I want to express myself creatively, but I wanted to start a business where I can also share my values in the workplace; where collaborators who feel valued and environmental issues aren’t ignored.


F2F: What drives you to design today and What fashion do you follow?


My goal is to have ‘seriously fun’ as I like to say. Concentrating on the creative process around my passions and the things I love the most: artisanal work, fabrics, travels, art and botany. I love to work around very different themes whether it’s from a legend, a painting, a movie, a period in history or how I would imagine a past civilisation. I see design as an invitation into one’s imagination, a personal interpretation or re-interpretation, the freedom of one's mind. For instance, the first collection is inspired from old Hollywood and the next one I will be presenting in Paris Fashion Week is about the Hanging Gardens, these are some ‘themes’ I have always been quite obsessive with even as a child.

There are so many designers I love either from the past or more contemporary, I always struggle to name only a few! The fun way I really like to work a look in everyday life is to mix and match around 3 items (clothing and accessory): 1 basic, 1 brand/designer and a vintage piece. Love the challenge and it always creates a nice balance. It’s also a good way to never waste and keep updating your clothes or accessories from past seasons.

F2F: As you design luxury loungewear, how do you select the materials and what factors do you consider before making a purchase?


The fabrics are usually selected for their luxurious feel, durability and also, I try to select as much as possible natural fabrics: it’s important to have the least possible negative impact on our beautiful planet. As I often say, Minuit Wear strives to be a loungewear brand, beautiful inside and out.

F2F: How do you include sustainability in your fashion creations?


Manufactured on the beautiful island of Bali, we emphasise the importance of creating an ethical, conscious, respectful brand that follows the principles of Slow Fashion: promoting a more ethical and sustainable way of living and consuming.
All of our collaborators, the Factory, and suppliers have been carefully selected for the quality of their work but also for the way they treat their employees and conduct their business.
As for the creations, I really try to make timeless pieces yet using up-to-date colours and cuts, so one doesn't feel like getting rid of it after a few months. I love the challenge that is!

F2F: With so many Loungewear brands coming into the picture, how do you ensure your label stands out?


Initially, the project started before the pandemic when it was still a niche. I would often find loungewear and sleepwear a little restrictive in the sense that it was too revealing or too casual and sporty. So, I wanted to make pieces that are spectacular but also practical and comfortable. I strive to create an interior clothing line for women and men of all ages, styles, and needs, having each piece spotlight craftsmanship and the beauty of natural fabrics.
I wanted to create a desire for a certain ‘Art de Vivre (Art of living), so it was not driven by the opportunity of the lockdowns and the sudden need people had as they were forced to stay and work from home.I really wanted to re-explore and modernise House coats that had such a limited use, in comparison to the beginning of the Century when it used to be appropriate to host guests and walk around the home during the daytime in robes.
Staying authentic and sticking to your values is to be the only way to maintain a long-term vision, so I am confident about Minuit Wear that has its place in this new loungewear market.

F2F: Can you suggest some self-presentation style tips to slay while working from home?


Personally, I believe that style is so personal, that comfort and wearing what makes you feel good is the right combination. We can see in many funny videos in Zoom meetings that people get caught wearing formal clothes only halfway up.The great part of having colourful and stylish House Coats is that you can look and feel good even if you throw it on basics or casual clothes. And you certainly won’t get caught not wearing pants during a meeting.

Can you suggest some self-presentation style tips to slay while working from home?

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 03/03/2022
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