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Eirinn Hayhow

Label - Eirinn Hayhow

My brand is earthy, ethereal and punk

Eirinn Hayhow, founder of her eponymous label, is renowned for creating her own dyes from foraging plants and berries and uses fruit and vegetable waste. Recommended by Vogue as one of the best Vegan Brands 2021, Eirinn Hayhow has been supported by London Fashion Week, The British Fashion Council and recognised by The Guardian. In an Interview with Fibre2Fashion, the designer reveals about her inspiration for her collection and shares her thoughts on gender-fluid fashion.

Fibre2Fashion: When did your love affair with design begin? How would you describe the emotion?

Eirinn Hayhow:

When I was a little girl, I used to put my feet through carrier bags from shopping trips, pulling up the handles like straps, I made my first pair of dungarees. Paper Mêrching together tissue boxes and toilet roll tubes, and painting them pink, I made some high heels and strutted down my garden like a catwalk. This playfulness is still present in my work today. I always found beauty in unwanted objects. Design has always been an electric compulsion for me, as I use it to find ways to understand the world around me.


F2F: Where do you find your inspiration for your overall collections and what are the aesthetics of your brand?


I combine notions of science, philosophy, spirituality and nature, as I try to reconnect people to the earth. My brand is earthy, ethereal and punk. Each collection takes the wearer on a meditative journey through my campaign films.

F2F: Since your brand is 100 per cent sustainable, what are the ethical practices involved?


I create my own natural dyes from foraging plants and berries. A recent practice is using crystal powder too! I recycle the dye baths and make them into inks! I try to forage many things seasonally, as well as using fruit and vegetable waste. I also include rosemary, eucalyptus, chamomile and many other plants that have wellbeing properties for the wearer, to create anti-anxiety, and healing garments.

F2F: Can you walk us through the process and your approach of creating natural Dyes?


Foraging - drying/freezing - experimenting - creation - recycling into inks.

F2F: Who is your target audience and where is the clientele majorly from (in terms of geographies)?


Many of my clients are local, and I have some clients in Europe and America. My business is still small, and all my garments are one-off, so my footprint on importing things is incredibly small. I would love for more consumers to connect with my brand as I grow, but I never want to grow to a point where I am not sustainable.

F2F: How would you define gender-fluid fashion and how has it affected the fashion industry?


Gender fluid Fashion does not conform to gender stereotypes in garments. Garments are often oversized and androgynous. Gender fluid Fashion is beginning to become favoured in the industry, as Fashion Weeks now allow you to apply with a genderless collection!

F2F: What does your brand offer to Gen-Z and millennials and what makes your label stand out?


Imagined from plants and 100 per cent sustainable. A fashion activist and disrupter, with a punk attitude and hippy soul. Combining science, nature and philosophy in each collection to reconnect people to the earth. Garments are playful, powerful and unique.My genderless garments are both empowering and healing as well as exceptionally unique, which is so important for millennials and Gen-Z and the era of individualism.

F2F: Can you share some style tips on styling unisex / gender fluid Outfits?


Layering is key.

Can you share some style tips on styling unisex / gender fluid Outfits?

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 04/04/2022
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