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Deepa Dosaja

Label - Deepa Dosaja

Sustainable fashion is at the core of all collections that we make

A leading fashion designer in Kenya, Deepa Dosaja has been recognised internationally by various organisations. She is a pioneer in premium, sustainable fashion in Africa. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, the designer talks about her journey, inspiration and fashion In Kenya.

Fibre2Fashion: What intrigued you towards the fashion industry and how would you illustrate your journey?

Deepa Dosaja:

I am passionate about creating beautiful things. When I was 13, my parents bought me a sewing machine and I’ve been hooked ever since. I went to fashion school in Montreal, Canada, which was the culmination of my dreams. After that, I moved back to Kenya and started my brand. The journey so far has been incredible, and I feel blessed to be able to do what I love every day!


F2F: How would you define the aesthetic and vibe of your overall collection?


Season after season, a core part of my brand’s aesthetic is making wearable and flattering silhouettes. My signature flowers can be found in each of my collections. You can also find vibrant and colourful prints and fabrics.

F2F: Where do you draw your inspiration from for such versatile and vibrant pieces? What fashion do you follow?


I get my inspiration from nature. I am inspired by flowers, butterflies, and the sea. The colours in nature and the colours in fish. Actually, I am inspired by all things natural, which we have in abundance in Kenya.

F2F: Could you please give an insight on the fashion and lifestyle in Kenya and how has the same evolved over time?


Since starting my brand, I have witnessed a dramatic change in the Kenyan fashion industry. Kenyans are now more than ever proud to wear ‘Made in Kenya’. In the past, people would go abroad to shop. The arts and fashion culture in Kenya is expanding at a rapid rate which is very exciting.

F2F: What is your take on sustainable fashion and how do you include the same in your creations?


Sustainable fashion is at the core of all collections that we make. As a brand, we only use natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, bamboo etc. Since we manufacture our garments in-house, we are able to ensure that we do not over produce and there is minimal waste.

F2F: Where is your clientele majorly from and what part of marketing attracts maximum cliental?


I am lucky and grateful to have an extremely diverse client base. Most of our clients come through word of mouth and our physical stores. We are also in the process of improving our digital footprint.

F2F: Suggest 5 shades that every fashion fanatic must have in their wardrobe this year.


Purple, Emerald green, hot pink, turquoise, and red. I think these are extremely versatile colours and they go beyond seasons and trends, and they look great on all women.

F2F: What is the vision for your label for forthcoming years? Are you planning any expansion?


As a brand, we would like to increase our digital marketing efforts and build a larger international client base. We are also aiming to be in more boutiques across the globe with our RTW (ready-to-wear) collections.

What is the vision for your label for forthcoming years? Are you planning any expansion?

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 21/09/2022
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