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Anju Modi

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Nature and art inspire my collection

Filmfare Award winner for best costume designer, Anju Modi is inspired by Indian culture and believes in reinventing the antique as per the modern needs. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion , the designer shares her thoughts on how timeless Indian textiles are being praised globally.

Fibre2Fashion: As a renowned designer, you seem to admire Indian heritage and textile a lot. What is that one reason which led to founding of the brand?

Anju Modi:

My journey started with our craftsmen--staying with them in their humble abode and learning and designing with them the weaves and vegetable dye prints etc. I think I have absorbed and imbibed our own culture closely and completely. My expression of design comes from there. I believe in reviving and reinventing as per today’s needs too.


F2F: Every collection of yours highlights the essence of Indian culture. Where do you draw your imaginations from?


I am person who thrives in natural surroundings--like mountains, rivers, or even travelling on long winding roads. I am an avid reader too and an ardent lover of our classical music and art. I think they are the inspiration behind my collections!

F2F: Who is the target audience? Where is the clientele majorly from (in terms of geographies)?


Nowadays there are no boundaries and since last two years more so. My clientele is from all over the world! But of course majority is from our own country.

F2F: What is your opinion on importance of Indian textiles in ancient times versus now?


We can say proudly that our country is the only surviving ancient civilisation. The textiles of ancient times are still relevant today and so very artistic and beautiful!! World over, people admire our kashmiri paisley and jaamevars, Bengal jaamdani, vegetable dye ajrakh prints and many more.

F2F: How was your experience working as a costume designer for Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies?


It was a huge learning and I think my experience and knowledge brought me this project. Cinema has a huge reach because of its visual appeal! It had many many challenging moments but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

F2F: Shed some light about the design process which goes behind each collection and couture. What difference did the pandemic bring in the process? How was the team cooperation affected?


I believe in a very scientific and disciplined approach while developing a design. It is a very intuitive, artistic but at the same time a very disciplined way of working which gets the result.

Pandemic has made us slow down and that was the biggest blessing and learning! To value and understand the life, relationships, and emotions are the core essence of any human being. So it has brought back the spirituality in most people’s psyche!  

F2F: What kind of creative nutrition do you prefer to feed yourself to stay rooted to Indian heritage and culture? Does that include travelling or is there any fashion that you follow?


I am a very easy, non-demanding and not a very ambitious person. I enjoy simple things in my day-to-day life which is just simple walk in a beautiful garden full of flowers or just soaking myself in the rains on my terrace with my friends or whoever is with me!! Listening to music, travelling with my camera to remote places. I think these are the luxuries in my life that I get the time to do.

F2F: The fashion industry is tilting towards sustainability. What is your outlook towards it?


I can’t say if we all really understand the meaning of sustainable fashion!!! To take care of eco balance… to keep giving work to our craftsmen for their livelihood.
I feel it’s just an overused term which people are encashing to look fashionable!!

F2F: The youth is obsessed with western culture which promotes fast fashion, and the approach of consuming eco-friendly fabric might sound overpriced. What would you suggest the youth to go for?


Ofcourse handmade and made in India products!

F2F: Who among your contemporaries you admire and what makes your label unique according to you?


I admire Pero a lot. My label has these four strong pillars which it stands on:
1.Handmade and handcraft
4.Reinventing the antique as the modern needs.

F2F: What lies ahead of the road for your label? What scaling plans do you have?


I want my label to become a fashion house which carries on for the next 100 years with holding the tradition and beliefs of mine always with a mindset to evolve. I am creating a culture among my people that they are collaborating with me and my label not as an employee and it’s their brand more than mine!
Hope to see my dream come true in the near future!

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 04/10/2021
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