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Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili

Label - Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili

Colour is a new and most powerful trend

Georgia-based eponymous label is founded by designer Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, a graduate of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and winner of Be Next Fashion Design Contest of 2015.By using deconstructive minimalism which has well become the brand’s philosophy, the designer is trying to represent a modern woman who is much aligned with the 21st century trends and not afraid of the challenges. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, the designer talks about his inspirations, aesthetics, and shares his thoughts on androgynous clothing.

Fibre2Fashion: What attracted you towards the fashion industry and how would you illustrate your journey?

Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili:

I don’t remember the day when I decided to become a fashion designer. It comes naturally and from time to time you have to see that there is no difference between the life you love and work you do. I realised this profession requires an ability to face failures, along with observing joy, happiness and passion. This is an everyday thing, mostly it happens unconsciously.


F2F: How would you define the aesthetics of your collections?


My collections are characterised with deconstructive minimalism, clean, sharp lines and a delicate combination of masculine and feminine features. My collections are always assembled and looks drawn together to create one continuous line.

F2F: Where do you get your creative nutrition? What fashion do you follow?


It is a constant process—talking to my visionaries (I mean my friends and family), books, movies, environment I live in, social media impact, people around me. Fashion represents people’s needs, so you have to listen to them and watch as often as you can.

F2F: Since your brand utilises vegan leather, how did the idea pop in and what challenges were faced while working on it?


To me, working on natural leather is unacceptable. Technologies and changes in textile manufacturing gives you the opportunity to be a twenty-first century human.

F2F: What type of clientele does your brand attract?


My pieces have to be for repeat wear, every day, for confident and comfortable but eye-catching outfits. I don’t like segmentation and talking about my clientele. I think age does not matter when you wear any kind of pieces, including my collections.

F2F: With so many fashion brands coming into the picture, what makes your brand stand out?


Continuing line, keeping it fresh and new, adaptation to change.

F2F: What is your take on androgynous clothing and how viable is gender neutral concept in fashion space?


Gender neutral clothing is a great way for more people to understand the ‘inclusivity’ movement. To tell the truth, the majority of my pieces have perfect fit for women and not for men; my clothes mostly are for encouraging women. We must empower women.

F2F: Where do you think the current fashion industry is moving and what can be the downside of it?


There are many specific positive and negative aspects and disadvantages of fashion today.

Negative aspects: Impermanence, huge pressure to follow the rapid rate of production in order to appease the consumers’ new expectations. Clothes are no longer addressed with anything other than an expiration date. Time changes everything and you have to follow the flow.

Positive aspects: Fashion today gives an opportunity to be independent in your thinking, helps to maintain positive self-esteem, and serves as a form of entertainment. Social media promotes many talented people in this industry and the doors are open, which is great for young people especially in developing countries (Georgia included).

F2F: Which fashion trends and colours can have the highest influence on fashion aspirants?


In a visual era, colours are the most important. The meaning of the logo is replaced by a certain shade which is associated with the brand. Colour is a new and most powerful trend, and you have to choose which is your signature.

F2F: What would you want the readers to take away from this interview?


Optimism, love and confidence.

What would you want the readers to take away from this interview?

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
Published on: 06/07/2022
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