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My most favourite style icon would be the new-age bride

Abhinav Mishra is one of the most sought-after designers, known for his outstanding signature mirror work that is all about adding glitz and glam to wedding functions. With vibrant hues playing a major role in his collection, the styles are exactly what a modern-day bride needs in her bridal trousseau. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, the designer talks about the inspiration behind his collection and shares some style tips for modern brides.

Fibre2Fashion: How would you illustrate your journey in the world of fashion and what motivated you to start your own label?

Abhinav Mishra:

My journey began for the pure love for design and fashion which originated with my work with Rani Pink Decor. However, ever since childhood I always had an interest in weddings and design and decor as well. So, it was a natural instinct for me to get into designing. I studied fashion design and knew it was a natural step for me to take. What motivated me to start my own label is my design aesthetic. I often had friends asking me to design for them and as a hobby I began designing for friends and family. Its then that I noticed an upward demand in terms of what I would design. So, I decided to do an experimental collection of few silhouettes seven years ago and it picked up. Then the label was officially started in 2015.


F2F: How would you elaborate on your obsession with the craft of mirror work? Are there any other craft techniques utilised, or would you experiment with your collection?


The timelessness and the versatility of mirror work has helped it become a favourite in most millennial wardrobes as I have seen over the years. Mirror work has been a big part of my collections since the beginning. The handcraft has, in many ways, become my signature—I use it in different ways in all my collections. I have used it to create de-constructed motifs with gota and silk threads, and even with prints. It plays a very important role in my brand identity because I always aim to blend mirror work with modern silhouettes.

It's an ancient craft that I have relentlessly worked to build on and will continue to do so. In our latest bridal collection, you will see mirrorwork incorporated in the most unique way while staying true to what the bride will want to wear on her big day.

The collection is also handcrafted keeping in mind the heritage and culture of Indian weddings using elegant techniques like the traditional zari where thread is woven into fabrics to make intricate patterns and elaborate designs, authentic Rajasthani tikdi, hand embroidered dabka, traditional nakshi embroidery and the twisted stitch marodi, along with gota work as well as the signature sheesha (mirrorwork) that our brand is now synonymous for.

F2F: What drives you to design today? What inspires you season after season?


Weddings have always fascinated me whether it is a family wedding or a friend’s wedding. I've been drawn towards the institution of marriage, the rituals, and the meaning it holds. The great Indian wedding will always be my first love and the reason I do what I do, whether it is Rani Pink Weddings or Abhinav Mishra Design/Couture label I am still drawn to it. The entire brand is built on the concept of Indian weddings and celebrations.

Our first ever bridal collection for men and women is simply titled ‘Abhinav Mishra Bridal 2022’. The inspiration remains weddings and the beautiful love stories intertwined with them, that aren’t just limited to the bride and groom but also follow through family and friends. It is these little stories that inspire our entire brand story and continue to motivate us to showcase such beautiful moments with our audiences.

F2F: How has the pandemic changed the wedding industry and the fashion trends? And what were the challenges faced by your label?


Wedding fashion has surely evolved post crisis as people are more excited and are willing to go all out with their fashion looks. The biggest trends for the upcoming summer wedding season are bright colours with bold patterns creating a bright and festive mood. Experimentation will be key and I’m excited to see the trends play out.

Post-pandemic, one thing that I kept in mind while creating this (bridal) collection is that people are looking for a change in their looks without losing the touch of tradition. People want to break free and enjoy the moment after tumultuous few years, and as a brand we are about love and happiness and wish to continue to spread the same.

F2F: Which bridal couture and festive wear trends will rule this season?


The biggest trends for the upcoming summer wedding season would be bright as well as traditional colours like red and pink, with bold patterns creating a bright and festive mood that has become Abhinav Mishra’s signature.

F2F: Which is your favourite piece from your overall collection and why?


It’s very hard to choose one favourite piece from the overall collection as all are my favourites and very close to my heart. However, the red bridal lehengas are my personal favourites as these are the first red colour pieces I have made.

F2F: According to you, who is the most stylish celebrity and who is your style icon?


My style icon doesn’t necessarily influence my brand purse since I tend to get inspired by a gamut of different, exciting and creative stimuli. However, I do believe that yesteryear fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Marlyn Monroe, Rekha, Madhubala, Mumtaaz, Meena Kumari, Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit are definitive style icons who I really look up to and often tend to get inspired by them. But my most favourite style icon at this point would be the new-age bride. She definitely motivates a lot of my decisions.

F2F: Any style tip that you would like to share for a bride to slay in her bridal outfit?


The best suggestion for brides while picking up outfits for their functions is to look for comfort; choose silhouettes and colours that are flattering for them also keeping in mind the season of their functions.

The best way to style bridal clothes is by keeping it minimal with a modern yet traditional look.

Any style tip that you would like to share for a bride to slay in her bridal outfit?

Interviewer: Kiran Sahija
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