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A/W 1995-1996 to S/S 2011

Based on both the uniforms of English schoolboys and traditional outerwear. Presented in Milan, at the Danielli Ghiselli showroom, together with a promotional video.

S/S 1996

Taking inspiration from cult movies like 'Blow Up' and 'Christiane F.'.
Presented in a private showroom in Paris, augmented by a home-made 8 mm video.

A/W 1996-1997 'We Only Come Out At Night':

Tight, classical shapes with reminders of punk and gothic new wave.
Presented in a private art gallery in Paris, shown with a narrative self-made video featuring a gang of local kids dressed in the outfits of the collection.

S/S 1997 '16, 17, How To Talk to Your Teen':

Incorporating both a ragged American surf style and a strict Oxbridge dress code into classical, precisely cut clothes. Presented in a photo studio in Paris, accompanied by a video and Plexiglas photo-cubes.

A/W 1997-1998

Mixing punk, new wave and American campus looks. For the first time presented on a Parisian catwalk.

S/S 1998 'Black Palms':

Featuring heavy metal-style prints, cut-off sleeves and tight tailoring, set to a soundtrack of Belgian New Beat. Fashion show at a garage in Paris.

A/W 1998-1999 'Radioactivity':

Based on the universe of Kraftwerk, Laurie Anderson and Vanessa Beecroft, resulting in mostly black silhouettes with references to both traditional and counterculture dress.

Fashion show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

S/S 1999 'Kinetic Youth':

The clean lines of Bauhaus, gymnasium-style uniforms, distressed leather and, like in a Rubik's cube, a mix-up of colors.

Fashion show at the 'Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie' at La Villette in Paris.

A/W 1999-2000 'Disorder- Incubation- Isolation':

Making references to the past, hence the updating of ceremonial costumes and capes.

Fashion show at film studios 'Studio Carrère' in Paris.

S/S 2000 'Summa Cum Laude':

Both inspired by MENSA students and the kids of gabba (a youth movement from Holland and Belgium, most recognisable by its speeded-up techno music). Featuring bomber jackets, kaleidoscopic prints and white leather.

Fashion show at film studios 'Studio Carrère' in Paris.

A/W 2000-2001 'Confusion':

Mixing grey and black for a austere look with sly references to the clerical.

Fashion show in a film studio in Paris.


In 1999, Raf Simons shut down his company and took a sabbatical. As his company got more and more successful, he felt confined and restricted by the business side of fashion. In order to reenergize his reason to work, he broke the cycle of seasonal demands. Only after Belgian clothing manufacturer CIG offered him a co-operation deal which provided him total creative freedom, Simons took up fashion again.

A/W 2001-2002 'Riot, Riot, Riot':

A radical, multi-layered look opting for oversized shapes instead of the by now familiar tightness. Both in spirit as in look inspired by British rock band Manic Street Preachers.

Fashion show in a derelict factory in Paris.

S/S 2002 'Woe Onto Those Who Spit On The Fear Generation…The Wind Will Blow It Back'

Predominantly white for clean boiler suits and overalls, printed slogan T-shirts and leather coats.

Fashion show at the Lycée Stanislas in Paris, where the models walked barefoot, while their faces were hidden by wrapped-around scarves and shawls.

A/W 2002-2003 'Virginia Creeper':

Taking the capriciousness of nature as a starting point, this collection confronted natural materials with industrial fabrics (plastic, rubber). Padded jackets, hooded coats and bondage trousers.

Fashion show at Lycée Stanislas in Paris.

S/S 2003 'Consumed':

Mixing black mesh, (patent) leather, in-your-face prints and spray-painted soda cans as a reflection on today’s consumerism.

Fashion show in a fly-over near the Seine in Paris.

A/W 2003-2004 'Closer':

This season, Raf Simons was granted full access to the archives of Peter Saville.

Raf Simons made a personal selection of Saville-designed works (some of them previously unseen) to integrate them into his collection. As a long-time admirer of Peter Saville, Raf Simons considers this a great honour, and therefore dedicates his collection to the man who put an unique spin on music culture.

The collection itself focuses on traditional styles and fabrics, augmented by a mod influence. Linked to the aesthetics of Peter Saville, there are also touches of early Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus and vintage British looks. At the same time, the collection reflects on the process of growing up and (re)considering adulthood, citing references to childhood dress codes, formal business looks and ghetto rebellion.

S/S 2004 'May The Circle Be Unbroken'‘:

Even more than last seasons, the S/S 2004 collection is about collaboration. As a designer, Raf Simons considers his work to be the result of joint forces and creative exchange. For this collection especially he worked together with a number of people he feels strongly connected with, both spiritually and artistically.

A/W 2004-2005 'Waves':

This collection for explores the idea of conscious confinement and willful enclosure. Again starting with the concept of an imaginary community outside of regulated society, the whole of the collection evokes the feeling of enlightenment and personal enrichment one can find in extreme but self-chosen isolation. The collection references at random various drop-out cultures that are conceived as likeminded tribes but when examined closely, are in fact gatherings of individuals seeking self –fulfillment through lonely practice. Wave cultures, cultures of rave waves and ocean waves. Eyes closed, alone with music, living only inside music, happily disappearing into the vortex of sounds and emotions. Arms wide open, alone with nature, taking to the sea, drifting away from the shore, fully realizing the only options are drowning or surviving.

S/S 2005 'History Of The World':

A new direction, a total focus on the future: clean, optimistic, minimal, pro-progress, anti-nostalgia. Looking ahead with confidence, striving for advance. Incorporating slight references to space travel and gymnastics, the silhouettes before all strike a balance between the strictly formal and the experimental. This season also saw the introduction of a range of shoes and accessories by Raf Simons.

A/W 2005-2006 'History Of My World'

A continuation of the future-induced theme, this time in a dark palette. A re-edit of proportions and shapes, with wide pants, cropped jackets, padded coats and tight jacquard knitwear. Tailoring for a new generation.


S/S 2006

Raf Simons' 10 years anniversary show in Florence for the Pitti Uomo fair.

A show in an Italian garden using very high tech fabrics. A futuristic and surreal collection, with as one of the starting points Fellini's "Satyricon".

A display of 167 video screens in the classic orangerie celebrated Raf Simons' first ten years, as did the accompanying "Raf Simons Redux" book.

A/W 2006-2007

A collection based on innovative fabrics, in dark colors like navy and black. The show opened with some heavy knitted sweaters and continued to focus mainly on coats.

27-01-2006, at Grande Arche de la Défense (top floor) in Paris.

S/S 2007

This collection goes back to a more graphic approach. Modern tailoring fused perfectly with sportswear, T-shirts with graphics inspired by Ellsworth Kelly. An energetic show, with on the background playing the video of Mark Leckey 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore'.

A/W 2007-2008

A dark collection based on modern tailoring. Fabrics again play an important role, as does the styling of upperarm-length leather gloves. The show is set around Conrad Shawcross fragile centerpiece of rotating wooden blades, called "Binary Star".

S/S 2008

Backpackers Show.

At Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Salle Marcel Cerdan, 75012 Paris

A/W 2008-2009

Studied tailoring and extreme body-conscious proportions. Fabrics and techniques go back to a more artisanal feeling; handmade felted wools, emaille buttons and even a plain burlap are used.

S/S 2009

Black-and-White Show, based on a new proposal for tailoring. There is a lot of texture and hand-made embroidery.

A/W 2009-2010

New corporate suiting, Mirror Show.

S/S 2010

Snakes print and belting.

A/W 2010-2011

Graphic collection, based on Velcro and press-buttons.

S/S 2011

15th Anniversary Show, an homage to Martin Margiela.

A/W 2011-2012

Rise of the Craftsman, Fall of the Prince.

S/S 2012

25-06-2011, at Le Centorial, 18 rue du Quatre Septembre 75002 Paris

A/W 2012-2013

Run Fall Run.
21-01-2012, at Maison des Métallos, Paris

S/S 2013

27-06-2012, at 28 rue de Lappe 75011 Paris