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1943 - Alain Schimel born to Oscar and Rose Schimel, owners of several clothing boutiques in Lyon

1968 - Alain Schimel graduates from IEP in Lyon, and from IAE. Postgraduate Law at the University of Lyon III - Jean Moulin and the University of Paris II - Panthéon, Assas

1970 - Alain Schimel buys the traditional workshop of an Italian tailor in Lyon, Teofilo Zilli. Together they launch the luxury leather jacket and the Sport Chic style

1972 - First peccary jacket

1983 - Opening of the first ZILLI boutique in London, New Bond Street

1990 - First boutique in Paris, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

1993 - First boutique in Moscow - ZILLI is one of the first French luxury brands to move into the East

1995 - Installation of a Parisian boutique in a private residence at 48 rue François 1er

1996 - Development of a complete range of clothing - in addition to jackets, suits, shirts, knitwear, denim and shoes are now available

1999 - Boutiques open in Geneva, Kiev and Budapest

2001 - Creation of a subsidiary in Milan for the design and production of shoes

2005 - Boutiques open in Rome, Lyon and Dubai (n° 2)

2006 - Awarded Best Exporter 2005 to Russia

2007 - First collection of jeweled cufflinks - Alain Schimel promoted to Chevalier in the Ordre National de la Légion d'Honneur - ZILLI becomes the official sponsor of the Lyon Biennials (Contemporary Art and Dance). ZILLI buys a shirt and made-to-measure shirt business, today called "ZILLI Shirts", in Bergamo, Italy

2008 - ZILLI Eyewear glasses range is launched - Boutiques open in Capri and Dubai

2009 - Boutiques open in Yekaterinburg, Porto Cervo (Italy), Budapest (n° 2), Astana Kazakhstan), Brussels and New York (57th Street)

2010 - Awarded the label "Living Heritage Company" - ZILLI becomes official sponsor of the French Academy in Rome - Villa Médicis

2011 - ZILLI boutique opens in Milan - Alain Schimel promoted to Officer in the National Order of the Merit

2012 - Entered into the Inventory of Rare Art Professions (UNESCO)