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1932: Opening of first Steiger made-to-measure store in Geneva.

1957: Steiger junior starts his work as a shoe-maker.

1962: Walter arrives in Paris, launching his career as a designer.

1963: Walter arrives in London

1964: Walter collaborates with Helmut Newton for the very first time.

1966: He sketches his first 'Claw'

1967: Walter Steiger's first Ready-to-Wear line was launched.

1968: Walter designs shoes for Michelangelo Antonioni's film "Blow-Up"

1969: Steiger shoes enter the US market.

1973: Claw heel hits the runaway for the first time

1974: Launched his first boutique in Paris

1982: Opened its first store in New York City

1988: Opening of Steiger's store in London

1992: Opening of Steiger's store in Milan

2002: All wholesales activity had been stopped and selling was only in the Steiger boutiques.

2009: Walter and his sons opened 'Steiger Bottier', to keep the family tradition going-on with dash of newness. Later in the same year, Giulio and Paul had joined the company.

2011: Opening of wholesale facility

2012: Expansion in US