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In 1984 Mango opened its first shop on the Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona). A year later, the company had five outlets in Barcelona and from this point on, with the opening of a shop in Valencia; it began its expansion in the domestic market. What was initially a small team had begun to grow: by 1988, the company had 13 sales outlets in Spain.

In 1992, the company took its first steps outside the domestic market with the inauguration of two stores in Portugal. The following year, the company opened its 100th store in Spain and, two years later, the business management system, based on specialized and co-ordinate teams, was successfully introduced - and is still in place today.
They can differentiate between two stages in the history of their company: In the first, from 1984 to 1995, Mango gradually gained a greater knowledge of the business and consolidated the product and store concept, and implemented the Just in Time philosophy in the distribution area, obtaining a certain critical mass on the Spanish market.

In the second stage - from 1996 to the present, they have reinforced the values of the team and increased their investment in a new concept of complete logistics based on speed, information, and technology. During this stage, they have opened bigger stores and increased the rate of store openings in other countries.