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PUMAVision unites PUMA’s corporate social responsibility activities and Initiatives, guiding PUMA’s work, partnerships and engagements worldwide.

PUMAVision provides their company, their employees, and all of their stakeholders with the 4Keys – Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative. These 4Keys act as a compass that always keeps them true to their vision of a better world –PUMAVision – guiding all of their decisions, actions, processes and practices.

They at PUMA use the 4Keys as a tool, which means always doing their best to be Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative in everything they do. These 4Keys represent, in the broadest possible sense, how PUMAVision works. They measure their thinking, their decisions, their actions, and their processes against these values by asking themselves if what they are doing is Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative. Making PUMAVision work for them and for the world in which they operate – across their workplaces in so many countries – means using the 4Keys everyday and in all that they do. But what do these words really mean?

At PUMA, fair means balanced. It means they see both sides, and resist the pressures that can push us into extreme ways of thinking, working or living. It also means they are open to all, and refuse to discriminate against people or make judgments based on gender, race, religion, political persuasion, sexual preference, or way of life. And being fair means listening as much as they talk, and giving back as much as they take. Honest means sincere. It means not faking it, walking the walk as much as they talk the talk. It means putting their money, their time and their energy where their mouth is. And being honest means admitting the mistakes, and owning up to the responsibilities – something that applies to companies as much as it does to individuals. Positive means constructive. It means building things – and people – up, not breaking them down. It means suggesting rather than criticizing, and working for solutions rather than just complaining. It means supporting others when they try, encouraging them when they fail, and celebrating with them when they succeed. It means “they can” more often than “they can’t.”

Creative means imaginative. It means thinking outside the box, or thinking outside the shoebox, as the case may be. Being creative means finding a way around a problem, rather than stopping when the walls are too high. It means looking at new ways, listening to new ideas and trying new strategies. It means striving for the most innovative solution because just being good enough is never good enough. Being creative means having dreams, and then making those dreams real things, in their individual worlds, in the PUMA world, in the real world. This applies as much to the decisions and actions of the CEO as it does to their retail team members who interact with their customers. In fact, it applies to everyone in their company. Eventually, PUMAVision and its guiding compass of the 4Keys will become an instinctive way of thinking for PUMA as they work towards making their contribution towards a better world.

Through the programs of puma.safe (focusing on environmental and social issues), puma.peace (supporting global peace), and puma. creative (supporting artists and creative organizations), they are providing real and practical expressions of this vision. Their puma.creative initiatives aim to bring together individual artists and organizations, and provide them with a platform for creative exchange and international exposure. The first puma.creative project was the support of the exhibition 30 Americans at the Rubell Family Collection in Miami, Florida, during Art Basel Miami 2008. Both Art Basel Miami and the important 30 Americans exhibition challenged their understanding of the synergy between art and design, music, style, and fashion, and was a perfect fit for the expression of PUMAVision’s creative initiative. puma.creative also supported the environmental movie “HOME” by endorsing showings of the movie in cultural institutions in Africa and beyond in June.

Through the puma.peace program, PUMA continues its support of the United Nations Global Cease-Fire Day and the non-profit organization that inspired it, Peace One Day. In September 2009, they launched an initiative together with their competitor adidas to raise awareness for PEACE ONE DAY and the necessity of a peaceful cohabitation. They organized an employee football match, took the message and idea of PEACE ONE DAY into the football stadiums in Munich and Stuttgart, and generated unprecedented media coverage worldwide, turning the event into a tremendous success.

Under the banner of puma safe, they are bringing together all of their longstanding work on environmental issues and decent work in decent workplaces, and combining it with new initiatives that will drive us to cleaner, greener, safer and more sustainable systems and practices. Imaginative solutions are found in every aspect of production for their Sportlifestyle products, from the sourcing of raw materials through the Cotton made in Africa campaign–that has seen excellent results for subsistence farmers in Africa–to building the capacity of their suppliers. Puma safe will continue to work towards reducing their carbon footprint, developing new sustainable products, and raising work and production standards worldwide.