Puma - Logo
Puma - Logo
Brand Philosophy

With the objective of being "The Most Desirable and Sustainable Sport lifestyle Company”, PUMA's position as one of the few, true multi-category brands is to be strengthened and the opportunities offered by the sport lifestyle market are to be systematically exploited in all categories and regions. As a multi-category supplier, PUMA is active in categories and business fields/divisions that suit its unique brand positioning, and in which permanent value increases can be achieved for the company. PUMA is positioned as a sport lifestyle brand that takes pleasure in skilfully combining sports and lifestyle influences and which strives to contribute to a better world. The above-mentioned brand positioning is to be supported by selectively expanding the existing product categories, by regional expansion, and by expansion with non-PUMA brands.

In 2009, they continued to strengthen their Sport lifestyle brand through unique events and marketing campaigns – from PUMA City in Boston during the Volvo Ocean Race North  American stopover to Usain Bolt’s ‘Who Faster?’ campaign in Berlin during the World Championships.

In 2009, Puma also refined their brand manual. “10” is the very first brand manual to incorporate the four keys to success of the global PUMA Vision – fair, honest, positive and creative. Their brand mission – to be the most desirable Sport lifestyle brand in the world – has not changed at all.

They have brought back the spirit of the DJ in their new Brand Promise to joyfully mix the influences of Sport and Lifestyle with the desire to contribute to a better world. “Joy” is what they will try to bring to their consumers and is what will differentiate us from their competition – it’s their point-of-view. While others talk about blood, sweat and tears of sport, they recognize that they cannot be the only rewards. Rather, they’ll talk about the moments of joy inherent in both sport and life. They are the brand that remembers what it was like to play the game – and to play it with joy.

It’s what they’ve always done best and now the time is right to bring the joy back again. So when they think about product, about marketing, retail or anything in the business, the first question it must ask is: Where is the Joy? It could be the feeling of running fast on a track, or getting social with your friends playing ping pong at a bar. Joy is being the best while having fun doing it. With their fine tuned position of ‘joy’ and their refined brand manual, “10,” they look forward to becoming a stronger, more confident brand and continuing the tradition of fun-infused product and campaigns.