Pepe Jeans was born in London in 1973. It emerged thanks to the inspiration of a young man, Nitin Shah, who decided together with his two brothers to manufacture jeans with original labels.

From very humble beginnings they rented a market stall on the Portobello Road in West London every Saturday. Little did they know what was about to happen. Within a very short space of time and for no other reason that the jeans were good quality and fitted well, business started to boom. In a matter of years they had to move everything into a 25,000 square meter warehouse and set up new office spaces to handle the amount of business they were having.

By 1980 Pepe Jeans London was rivalling with all of the big UK brands for number 1 spot in the market place, becoming the British most successful jeans brand ever.

In 1983 Pepe Jeans London started its international expansion to Ireland and two years later crossed the channel towards Continental Europe and USA. Nowadays Pepe Jeans London is one of the principal jeans brands in almost every country.

After getting an important presence in the denim wholesale stores of most prestige, the company started to make a strong bet for the exclusive Pepe Jeans stores (own ones or franchises) that has made the Pepe Jeans London store network to be present in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.