People Tree’s product range includes Fair Trade and ecological clothing for women, men, children and babies clothing, fashion accessories, homewares, bed linen, and gifts.

People Tree products are designed to make optimum use of traditional skills and technologies. By using hand skills like hand weaving, hand knitting or hand embroidery we can create maximum employment in rural areas where work is often scarce. All clothes are dyed using low impact dyes, free from harmful azo chemicals which frequently used in clothing manufacture. We use locally available and natural materials where possible, including handmade recycled paper products, products made from jute and other environmentally friendly materials, and actively avoiding plastics and toxic substances.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a vital commodity for many developing countries and a vital financial income for many of the world’s poorest farmers. However the conventional cotton industry has a devastating effect on farmers, textile workers and the environment. The World Health Organization estimates that 20,000 people a year die in developing countries from pesticide poisoning, and a further 3 million people suffer chronic health problems. Many of these are cotton farmers: worldwide, while conventional cotton farming uses only 2.5% of total farmland, it consumes 10% of chemical pesticides, and 22% of all insecticides.

People Tree works closely with organic cotton producers and garment manufacturers at every stage of the production process to avoid the destructive impact of conventional cotton production.  As well as protecting their health, avoiding the cycle of debt involved in pesticide purchase, and increasing their yields in some cases, organic farming also means that along with the Fair-trade premium, farmers receive a 30% premium above conventional prices.