1991 - Global Village, an environmental campaigning NGO, was founded in Japan by Safia Minney

1995 - Fair Trade Company KK incorporated in Japan as a limited company

1997 - Fair Trade and ecological fashion line is launched in Japan

1998 - Flagship store opens in Tokyo

2001 - People Tree launches in UK

2004 - People Tree UK wholesales to Europe

2005 - People Tree Japan launch the first 'prototype franchise' store in Tokyo

2006 - People Tree launch Fair Trade on the UK high street with a concession in Topshop's flagship store in London

2007 – People Tree begins to collaborate with international designers to create the first Fair Trade designer range.

2008 – Safia Minney publishes her autobiography and ‘By Hand’ The Fair Trade Fashion Agenda.

2009 – The People Tree Foundation is launched.

www.wfto.com www.fairtrade.org.uk www.soilassociation.org