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Spykar is back!

After fighting downturn in the industry for two years, Spykar is rebuilding itself. It is increasing its offline presence, going omni-channel with the launch of its e-commerce portal, coming up with a womenswear line, besides exploring export options.
MANISHA ALMADI MIDHA throws light on the plans of Spykar, one of India’s first indigenous denim brands.

The journey of Spykar began in 1992 when Prasad Pabrekar, the founder of the organisation, launched the brand. He aspired to create a brand which embodied passion, creativity and youthfulness. The brand commenced with the launch of denims, and it aimed and confined itself to targeting a young audience. Pabrekar had immense knowledge in the field of fabric and garment processing; he grew by building a concrete team who have been growing with the organisation till date, while giving it their 100 per cent.

Spykar has been created with an intention of serving the youth with the latest and relevant fashion, the best in jeanswear within the country and targets to be among the top leading fashion brands across the globe, says Sanjay Vakharia, COO, Spykar Lifestyles.

India produces a small variety of home-grown fashion brands catering to the changing desires of youth’s taste and fashion; Spykar stands tall among them with an experience of over two decades of consistently creating hundreds of styles every year. It has a well-established track record of growth over the past 23 years.

Spykar fought the downturn in the industry for two years. But it has now streamlined its finances, gone through consolidation, and managed to rebuild the brand. Metmin Investment Holdings, controlled by NRI tycoon Apurv Bagri has acquired a controlling stake in Spykar. Since then, the company has been in a revival mode.