Pepe Jeans London is one of the fastest growing denim and casual-wear brands in the world with two main distribution channels, Retail and Wholesale, and a non-stop increasing Logistic Net.

Facts about PEPE JEANS:

  • Present in 65 countries of the 5 continents
  • Great Wholesale development: 6.800 doors around the world
  • Increasing Retail business: 310 Pepe Jeans stores
  • 2.200 employees
  • More than 50 fashion & graphic designers
  • Purchase of 10.000.000 garments per year
  • 3 full equipped logistic centres & warehouse in Europe and Asia

Pepe Jeans London encompasses two brands: Pepe Jeans London and Pepe Jeans Junior.

Pepe Jeans London includes ladies and men complete collection including accessories. These collections are created with a focus on quality in terms of the fabrics, fit and finish, merging high fashion attributes with ground level pricing, and thus providing the look demanded by the market. The collection ranges from fundamental basics to sophisticated cocktail dresses, genuine leather jackets, without forgetting its specialist, the Denim offer. Within the denim we can specially underline the most premium part of it: the 73 collection.

The company also designs a Quick Response Collection and a Precollection once the key trends of each season appears in the most important catwalks and other fashion hotspots which were easily adaptable to the mass market, to meet consumer preferences.

Pepe Jeans Junior includes as well girls and boys complete garment and accessories collection.

These 2 brands are complemented by other product categories as Footwear, Eyewear or Stationery thanks to the narrow collaboration with some license partners.

PEPE- Lifestyle and attitude:
The Pepe Jeans look is trendy and fresh, yet stylish and modern in every sense. The Pepe Jeans girl and guy, both between 20 and 35 years old, are outgoing and urban and have developed their own fashion identities. Attitude and up-to-date could be words that describe well their way of living.

Their Values:

  • Our success is based on the Honesty of our people.
  • Our reason for existing is the Customer.
  • Our strength is our Team work.
  • Progress requires us to be Flexible.
  • Our Positive Attitude is essential for success.