• The company was started in the early 1970s in Chiuppano near Vicenza in the heart of northeast Italy as a result of the passion and creativity of Claudio Grotto. Since 1984 Grotto Spa has designed, manufactured and distributed a total look of high-quality denim apparel for men and women under the GAS label.
  • GAS is a premium jeanswear brand with an international feel fuelled by the idea of fashionable - yet functional and practical - clothes for intelligent, discerning and cosmopolitan people who look to clothing to express their own personality for every occasion. Today Grotto S.p.A. is a global, international company determined to continue to reinforce its presence abroad, with a particular focus on Europe and the Far East. 35% of yearly production is destined for export though exports are destined to grow worldwide thanks to a recently implemented expansion strategy.
  • Quality, research and innovation are some of the keywords to describe GAS product. In the company, there is an actual centre for research and development called the "artisanal room". This is the place where all of the manufacturing processes are experimented in a controlled environment. This is where creativity meets the manufacturing history of GAS.
  • GAS is also with everyone that has a dream, an objective and fight every day to attain it. This is why it has always been involved to the world of sport as it shares the fundamental values of optimism, passion, dynamism, determination and the ability to push one's limits to be the best. Since ’98 an important partnership ties GAS with the largest motorcycle maker in the world as the brand is one of the main sponsors of the Repsol Honda team for the MotoGP World Championship.

Early 1970's: Mr. Claudio Grotto started on his entrepreneurial adventure setting an artisanal workshop making his own clothes.

Early 1980's: He set up the company Grotto in which all the phases of production are focused on creating collections aimed at consumers in search of original, quality garments that are also functional and versatile.

1984: Launch of the GAS collection. Since then the GAS brand has continued to expand and evolve on an international level bringing its lines and its values in the major markets worldwide.