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Emir & Sema Turkmen

Emir & Sema Turkmen

Board Member/CEO & co-CEO
Brand – Misirli 1951

We are investing in the discovery and utilisation of innovative materials

Misirli is a forward-thinking women’s brand built on a rich 70-year legacy. Aspiring to shape fashion and society while respecting the environment and ethical values, Misirli fuses tradition with modernity. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, co-CEOs Emir and Sema Turkmen discuss the distinctive elements of Misirli, art as an inspiration for the brand, its commitment to sustainability, and a lot more.

Fibre2Fashion: How has Misirli incorporated its 70 years of knowledge into becoming a modern and contemporary women’s brand?

Emir & Sema Turkmen:

Misirli has made a name for itself over the years with its unique design and exclusive quality approach. The secret to its success lies in its founding philosophy of never compromising on quality. In line with this philosophy, it aims to grow and expand into global markets by staying innovative and current. At Misirli, we shape our brand each season by collaborating with exceptional individuals who represent our brand. This approach not only ensures that our brand has a dynamic and trend-responsive image, but also allows us to cater to different personalities and styles.


F2F: Could you elaborate on the distinctive elements of the brand’s 70-year knowledge that have influenced the development of fashion and society, especially in Turkiye?


Misirli's 70 years of accumulated knowledge stands out with its unique elements that have influenced the development of fashion and society. As Misirli, we have played a pioneering role in introducing modern knitwear to Turkiye, contributing to its popularity. Fine craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and aesthetic designs are the fundamental characteristics of our brand. At Misirli, we continue to innovate by incorporating timeless designs into our collections, bringing new dimensions to the knitwear industry. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainable production and ethical values. As a brand that shapes the fashion industry in Turkiye, Misirli has inspired and influenced the sector with its innovative approach, setting numerous fashion trends.

F2F: Your brand emphasises its bond with art and culture. How does this bond contribute to understanding and interpreting changes in society and encouraging new ways of development?


Art and culture help us capture new trends and tendencies that emerge in society. Our brand shapes its designs by drawing inspiration from artistic interactions and cultural heritage. As a result, we lead the way in the fashion world, driving changes and simultaneously understanding the values and expectations of society. Through this connection, we attract attention as an inspiring and meaningful presence in the fashion industry.

F2F: In what ways does art in Egypt serve as a primary source of inspiration for the brand and positively impact people’s lives and society’s development?


Art in Misirli serves as a primary source of inspiration for the brand in various ways. It influences the creative process, guiding the design philosophy and aesthetics of our products. By incorporating artistic elements into our collections, we create unique and visually captivating pieces that resonate with our customers.

Furthermore, art plays a significant role in shaping the identity of Misirli and connecting with our audience on a deeper level. It allows us to convey messages, express cultural values, and stimulate meaningful conversations. By collaborating with talented artists and supporting art initiatives, we contribute to the development of the artistic community and promote cultural exchange.

F2F: Your brand is committed to creating a sustainable world. Can you provide examples of specific actions and initiatives taken by the company to bring about meaningful change and progress in both the business and society?


We are committed to sustainability and aim to create positive impacts between business and society. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a range of measures and initiatives:

Sustainable materials and production methods: We use sustainable materials in the production of our products to minimise environmental impacts. Additionally, we adopt production methods that enhance energy efficiency and improve waste management.
Social responsibility projects: With a strong awareness of our responsibility to society, we actively participate in social responsibility projects. We support projects in areas such as education, women empowerment, and environmental protection to create positive change within the community.
Ethical production and business partners: We manage our production processes while adhering to ethical values. We conduct rigorous audits to ensure that our business partners maintain working conditions and respect human rights. Furthermore, we support local producers to strengthen the local economy.
Recycling and waste management: We prioritise waste reduction and recycling programmes. We replace packaging materials with sustainable options and contribute to recycling efforts whenever and wherever possible.

Awareness and education: We organise campaigns and provide informative materials to raise awareness and educate our customers about sustainability.

F2F: How do you prioritise ethical, fair, safe, and healthy conditions for your employees? Are there any specific measures or programmes in place to ensure these conditions?


We prioritise providing our employees with ethical, fair, safe, and healthy working conditions. To achieve this goal, we have implemented the following measures and programmes: 

Compliance with ethical standards: Our business ethics policies and rules aim to ensure fair treatment of our employees, promote honesty, and encourage ethical behaviour.
Occupational health and safety: The health and safety of our employees are of utmost importance to us. We implement occupational health and safety policies and procedures and conduct regular risk assessments. Additionally, we provide our employees with occupational health and safety training and supply them with necessary personal protective equipment.
Working hours and conditions: We adhere to local laws and regulations regarding working hours and conditions. We ensure that our employees receive fair wages, their working hours are regulated, and their working environment is comfortable and safe.
Workplace diversity and inclusivity: We strive to create a workplace environment that promotes diversity and inclusivity. We have a zero-tolerance policy against any form of discrimination and provide equal opportunities. We appreciate our employees’ differences and emphasise the value of working together.
Collaboration and feedback: We value our employees’ opinions and encourage their participation. We foster a culture of collaboration and support our employees’ development through regular feedback processes.

F2F: Misirli is known to support creativity and recognises the human factor as the most valuable source of inspiration for the development of fashion. Can you elaborate on how this working system functions and its impact on fostering creativity within the brand?


We fully understand the importance and value of creativity for our brand. Our working system is built upon promoting creativity and contributing to the emergence of original designs in our collections.

First and foremost, we create an environment where our employees can freely express their creativity. We embrace a culture of collaboration and communication, providing a platform for everyone to share their ideas and make contributions. The diverse talents and perspectives of our team members enrich our creative process.
Furthermore, we encourage our employees to continuously seek inspiration from various sources. Interactions and experiences from art, culture, travel, and other domains facilitate the emergence of new ideas and contribute to the development of our brand’s aesthetic vision.

To foster creativity, we regularly organise workshops, training sessions, and creative projects. These activities enable our team members to enhance their skills and explore new techniques. Additionally, we implement feedback and evaluation processes as part of the creative process. This helps our team members improve themselves and further advance our brand’s creative potential.

F2F: How does the brand invest in the future of the world and fashion? Are there any specific initiatives or strategies in place to drive innovation and sustainability?


Firstly, we are investing in the discovery and utilisation of innovative materials. We encourage the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials in fashion products. This enables us to utilise resources more efficiently and reduce our environmental impact.

Additionally, we are conducting efforts towards sustainable production processes and supply chain management. We establish long-term relationships with our business partners, promoting ethical and sustainable practices. We enhance energy efficiency in manufacturing processes, improve waste management, and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

At Misirli, we place great importance on research and development activities. We keep up with innovations in the fashion industry and constantly update ourselves. By closely monitoring technological advancements, we strive to find innovative solutions in production and distribution processes.

F2F: Can you share some examples of your collaboration with artists and cultural institutions to further enhance your bond with art and culture?


By collaborating with prominent artists, we incorporate their original designs into our brand’s collections. We develop joint projects with artists, bringing together fashion and art to create unique and inspiring pieces.

F2F: Looking ahead, what are the future goals and aspirations of the brand, particularly in terms of fashion, sustainability, and societal impact?


We aim to continue offering innovative and unique designs in the fashion industry. Our goal is to be an inspiring brand in the fashion world by providing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products to our customers. While keeping up with trends, we also strive to maintain our own style and identity.

We aim to take further steps in sustainability and reduce our environmental impact. We intend to increase the use of sustainable materials and production methods to utilise resources more efficiently and support the conservation of natural resources. Additionally, we plan to make continuous improvements in waste management, reduce our carbon footprint, and enhance energy efficiency.

For social Impact, we aspire to continue making a positive impact on society. By actively participating in social responsibility projects and community-driven initiatives, we aim to make progress in areas such as education, women empowerment, and social justice.

We will also continue organising awareness campaigns and projects to increase societal awareness and inspire sustainability. With these goals in mind, we aim to maintain our position as an inspiring brand in the fashion world while advancing further in the areas of sustainability and social impact.

Looking ahead, what are the future goals and aspirations of the brand, particularly in terms of fashion, sustainability, and societal impact?

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