The focus at Gap incorporation is simple customers, creativity, doing what’s right and delivering results.

Our brands have a simple, common purpose: to make it easy for people to express their personal style. We constantly evolve each brand to better meet our customers' needs — through innovative and inspiring design; through convenient and engaging store experiences; and by communicating with people in a way that connects to how they live, work and play.

When put together they call it “wearing your passion”, and it's the perfect match for the kind of people they magnetize both as employees as well as customers.

In there terminology below is how they have given body to there beliefs.

Think: Customers first
Every decision happens with our customers in mind. They connect with their stores and create the quality their customer’s value and expect.

Inspire: creativity
Believer of thinking big, take risks and solve problems. They challenge the status quo and always look for new ideas and ways of working.

Do: what’s Right
They believe that how they do business is as important as what they do. They act with integrity, and give back to the communities in which we do business.
Deliver: results
Delivering the best results possible–a sturdy commitment towards responsibility and then leaving no stone unturned to realize them.

Elaborating further GAP Insists in delivering not just value and quality driven products but going beyond it where sustaining the brand value and consistency becomes more then just a responsibility.