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Posh Pride| Earth

Posh Pride| Earth

What: Spring summer 17 collection of apparel for women

USP: The assortment explores the deep surfaces of the earth by addressing the threat of global warming. This phenomenon has been depicted through edgy textures, motifs and layering using handmade and sheer fabrics such as silk, organza and linen in a colour palette that includes earthy hues, neutrals with influences of olive and mustard.

Price: Rs 14,000-30,000

Available: Aza, Fuel, Creo and Amara stores in Mumbai, Anantam and Agashe stores in Delhi, Vesimi store in Dubai

About Posh Pride: Founded by Prerna Khetrapal in January 2016, PoshPride is a venture in textural exploration with a focus on unique surfaces, structural shapes, and impeccable tailoring. Every piece is benevolently and thoughtfully created and finished with intricate, signature handwork embroidery. The brand employs local and skilled artisans to ensure that the highest degree of craftsmanship, quality, and care is given to each individual design.



What: Monsoon collection of apparel for women

USP: With monsoon season around, the brand in its latest range includes light lace fabrics like georgette, satin, crepe silk, raw silk, dupion, net and more. The assortment comprises dazzling colours like royal blue, mesmerising green and subtle zari work to add the touch of elegance which lace brings to any garment.

Price: Rs 7,000 to Rs 70,000

Available: Online on

About Intrika: Intrika is a sophisticated and contemporary take on Indian wear, uniquely crafted through lace designed in Europe. Intrika is about creating an original look through a fusion of not just eastern and western aesthetics, but is also a meeting point of skill sets from the past and a chic to modern India.



What: Workwear 2017 collection of footwear for women

USP: Inspired from the British fashion comprising of a lot of layering and dark colours, the assortment showcases a mix of overlay with a colour palette of black, tan, blue and beige. Each item of the range, from the mule sandal to pointed pumps and block heels, reflects an unconstrained comfort in a classy design with premium materials and attentive craftsmanship. The shoes are handcrafted, using the age-old techniques passed down through generations of artisan shoemakers. Each shoe is crafted using leathers sourced from India combining the sole that is hand cut to attain perfection.

Price: Rs 3,499 onwards

Available: All stores of Oceedee at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and online on

About Oceedee: Oceedee is a luxury brand for high quality shoes that inspires a sense of glamor, confidence and sensuality in the modern day woman. Passion, innovation and luxury are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy that are reflected in their designs with meticulous craftsmanship, which promises to deliver “Fashion without compromise”. First of its kind in India, Oceedee’s online design studio that allows women to customise their shoes from the brand’s capsule collection. It offers more than nine billion unique combinations using close to 250 styles, 50 leathers and 13 different heels, that allows women to envision their masterpiece, personalise it, and preview their own creation before ordering their perfect pair.

Adarsh Gill

Adarsh Gill

What: Spring summer’17 collection of apparel for men

USP: The assortment comprises salwar kurtas, dhotis and waist jackets enhancing the masculine personality with intriguing combinations. Dominated by classic tailored silhouettes, immaculate craftsmanship and elaborate detailing with the focus on fabric, texture, quality and design, the collection embraces contemporary masculinity with modern look and fit.

Price: Rs 9,000 onwards (dhotis), Rs 12,000 onwards (kurtas), Rs 25,000 onwards (jackets)

Available: Adarsh Gill’s stores at New Delhi and Mumbai and online on

About Adarsh Gill: Bridging the gap between classic influences and modern forms, Adarsh Gill blends world influences into one fashion statement. Debuting in the New York in 70s with label named Saaz, she travelled to Paris in 80s, where she found a new design space Adarsh Gill. She began her own label: Adarsh Gill on her return to India at Delhi.

Rutu Neeva

Rutu Neeva

What: Fall’17 collection of apparel for women

USP: The assortment reflects a complicated mix of conservatism and glamour from a girl-next-door freshness to strong alluring femininity. The silhouettes are focused on shape and sheen amalgamated with sharp lines and soft details. Dominated by dresses and free flowing gowns, the range displays intricate gatherings, a multitude of pleats, soft ruffles and delicate overlays. The collection also features an androgynous side of today’s women with power pleats, flared-bottomed pants, bell-bottoms and sharp necklines with bespoke stitching techniques in muted to deep monotone hues.

Price: Rs 20,000 onwards

Available: Online at and

About Rutu Neeva: Rutu Neeva is a fashion label founded by two sister designers Rutu Shah and Neeva Sheth. Having inherited a unique sense of fashion from their mother, and inspired by everything in her wardrobe, the designer sisters have ever since been driven towards creating their dream fashion label. The duo is known for their stunning combination of fit and flow in their dresses in classic silhouettes.

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