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"Death certain Life is not"

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Trewano the Italian denim designer brand has launched an exclusive collection of Trewano jeans on demand from lovers of designer jeans in Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin, Rome and other parts of the world. This designer wears is available for men and women from the age of 15 to 40 years.

The collection is highly Zippy, zingy and zesty youth with ultimate, individualistic and exotic collection of designer Denim jeans. Like always the collection is exceptionally stylish.

This straight fit men's wear jean has been cut from the best denim available in Europe and sewed with a thread powerful, it is elastic enough to withstand any stretch or skew in the shape.

A washout around the waist and the knee lines along with wrinkled finishing keeps the look trendy and youth, printed patch with skull and blazing graphic details going along the right panel of the jean are attractive and go well with the theme of the line.

Other catch points of the product are the knees that have been made to resemble pockets and patchwork. The stitch lines have been further highlighted everywhere.

Similar wash and a printed Trewano brand name at the back around the pockets further adds to the details of this jeans.

The length gives space for folds to come making another style statement, this designer denim has a very masculine appeal.

Trewano jeans, for both men and women, can be bought only from exclusive designer stores near you.

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