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Meghana Goyal

Meghana Goyal

Label - Summer Somewhere

Bold, abstract prints and colour blocking are very trendy

Summer Somewhere is a conscious clothing brand designed for every girl in pursuit of an endless summer by Meghana Goyal. Their collection is chic and can be worn to the beach, a garden brunch, city walks, or a cycle tour; it’s timeless and trans-seasonal. In an interview with Kiran Sahija, the designer reveals about ethical practices and gives some style tips for travelling in summer season.

Fibre2Fashion : When did your passion for design begin, and what inspired you to launch your own label?

Meghana Goyal:

I was at a really difficult time of my life back in 2018. I just wanted to hit the reset button, and as I started curating my wardrobe for my trip to Bali. It is at that time that I realised there wasn’t a brand in India that was catering to clothes that were trendy, affordable and timeless vacation wear. While most of us shop on holiday, we also shop before a trip to curate a certain kind of wardrobe. And that’s where the idea for the brand came from. At the same time, it was very important that the clothes be versatile and trans-seasonal. It had to have repeat value, and the ability to transition into your everyday wardrobe after the trip. So, Summer Somewhere marries my love for travel and fashion.

I was raised by a fashion designer and a garment exporter. So, an understanding and appreciation for good design was ingrained in me from a very young age. I studied consumer marketing in New York and grew deeply passionate about the environment. We use the brand as a megaphone for sharing what sustainable fashion for every girl can be.

Fibre2Fashion : What drives you to design today? What inspires you season after season?

Meghana Goyal:

The very essence of Summer Somewhere, as the name suggests, is travel. We travel a lot as a family, but I also travel very often with my girlfriends — our annual summer vacation is one we never miss. I’m also the kind of person who takes a lot of pictures of inspiring details when I travel — this could be cool coffee art or the mosaic tiles in an old palace or curios in a flea market; basically, anything that catches my eye. I’m always making mood boards, which sets the direction for the collection.

Fibre2Fashion : What makes your brand plastic-positive and what ethical practices are approached?

Meghana Goyal:

Summer Somewhere has been a plastic-free label since the get-go. We are taking our commitment to being plastic-positive one step further by associating with ReCircle. Our pledge is to recover 1,000 kilos of low-grade single-use plastic from landfills and oceans this year. In association with ReCircle, we will recover 1 kg for every order placed with us.

Fibre2Fashion : How do your designs for winter differ from the ones for summer?

Meghana Goyal:

We’re designing clothes for your next holiday, to some warm place – as the name suggests, it’s always summer somewhere. However, our designs do differ towards the end of the year. Our December drop always contains more day-to-night items that are dressier and party appropriate.

Fibre2Fashion : Can you suggest some style tips while traveling in summer?

Meghana Goyal:

Go for comfortable, easy to breathe materials with bright summery colours. This is why you will see lots of linen in our collections, it's the best fabric for summer. Matching sets will always elevate your look but more importantly, when you’re on a vacation – it’s important for your pieces to be transitional that easily can go from day to night.

Fibre2Fashion : What are the noticeable trends and colours that can become a rage among fashionistas going forward?

Meghana Goyal:

Bold, abstract prints and colour blocking are very trendy. Colour blocking more with not just your clothing, but accessories as well. For example, you can wear a pink dress, but pair it with green shoes and a green bag. Poppy colours, especially green and purple, are definitely trending at the moment.

Fibre2Fashion : What are your forthcoming plans for your label? Are you planning to introduce a menswear collection anytime soon?

Meghana Goyal:

Our mission as a conscious business is to be a certified B Corp – by solidifying our commitment to balance profit and impact. We are partnering with a number of enterprises in the coming years to help us achieve this goal.
What our customers can expect:  
– size inclusivity as we increase volumes and improve our margins. 
– double down on our “cool girl” community and content: We’d like to educate consumers not only about how SS allows them to be sustainably trendy, but also on all the things they can do to be better citizens of this planet.  
– take our home-grown brand global: As our name suggests “it’s always Summer Somewhere” and we’ve seen our demand double in North America and the Middle East that we need to catch up to.