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From January 21-23 in Paris, Interfilière will showcase the spring/summer 2018 trends in an exceptional General Forum. Interfilière will celebrate the creativity and technical accomplishments of its exhibitors, and the role of lingerie and swimwear in the future of modern women.

The trade show will also look at lingerie’s real value – the idea of dreamy lightness and beauty that makes lingerie different from all other apparel.

For spring/summer trends 2018 for lingerie, swimwear and activewear, four major themes stand out.

Floral Garden: Flower and leaf motifs of every kind, from naive to romantic to pictorial. The key word: Eclecticism!

Erotic Garden: A bounty of exotic sensuality and rich oriental and paradisiacal symbolism The key word: Fantasy!

Garden of the Mind: Fully aware creativity going beyond natural fibres and durability concepts. Reinvent everyday life. The key word: Longevity!

Techno Garden: From the concert stage to the gym, have fun reinventing new rhythms for living. The key word: Innovation!

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