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Fashionistas are on high alert in terms of fashion, glamour and spotting new trends. From mirrors to asymmetrical outfits, there’s a bunch of trends to keep your eye out for this festive season, says designer Priyanka Parekh.

All things flared Think sleeves, skirts, tunics and palazzo pants, all with a dramatic and feminine flare. This trend was spotted in almost every outfit that came down the runway, with a versatile dimension each time. Things are definitely flaring up in the festive season!

The sling-fling jacket What started as a street-style trend in Paris and Milan is the new, chic way of sporting the jacket made easy with vertical cut-outs on the sleeves. Just fling it over the shoulders!

Tassle trend And the tassle continues to shimmy. From beads to shreds, fringes and tassles add character to attire that may havelooked otherwise understated.

Sheer-shocked A couple of designers decided to go bold this year with sheer dominating the runway on capes, gowns and skirts alike. Sexy, classy and oh-so-glam, we’re going to be seeing a lot of this trend in the season to come.

Cut it-out We know one thing for sure: This trend is here to stay. From dresses to traditional wear, it adds jazz to the outfit.

Capes are a much-disputed topic. Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow made the cape a trend by donning a Tom Ford one at the Oscars, everyone is vying for one. Capes sure will be big this festive season!

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